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MONA LISA – Normalización Lenguas Minoritarias en la Empresa

The project MONA LISA aims to develop and test an e-learning tool with access via Internet that will support the SME in the insurance sector in normalising the social use of minority languages, especially those presenting more difficulties of normalisation, in their own geographical territories. The problems identified by the partnership, 7 partners in 6 countries, are, on one side, related with the threat of disappearance of minority languages and the respective cultural background and patrimony (even if the public authorities already have created regulatory instruments the respective implementation is too slow) and on the other side the need of SME in respecting the regulatory frameworks of adapting their services to the existing languages in each territory, even the minority languages what normally is a problem and they are not prepared to do. To reach the objectives the partnership will do the training need analysis followed by a linguistic audit which will dictate the content of the e-learning tool produced and tested by the partners. The final products of the project will be: (1) a module containing the instruments for the training need analysis, (2) a module with the linguistic audit instruments to detect the level of knowledge for the languages and to define the linguistic profile associated to each professional profile; (3) a module of distance training to fulfil the language knowledge gaps as well as several linguistic services to support the trainees (contacts clubs, terminology compendium, etc). The addressed target groups are: the public administration that can use the produced instruments to accelerate the implementation of the regulations defending minority languages and the SME in the insurance sector who can use directly the products (are also the final beneficiaries).
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