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"Moments, Places, Journeys"

The Grundtvig partnership “Moments, Places, Journeys“ is an international, multilateral cooperation for adult learning and apprenticeship between organizations located in Portugal, Wales, Italy, France, and Austria. This partnership and the diverse projects/events hosted during the partnership period intend to explore the opportunity offered by the arts: the opportunity to create moments, places and journeys. Each participating organization will invite the project partners to join and explore the work they do in their home countries: using the arts to explore contexts of social exclusion and to work with people with fewer opportunities or with disability.This experience will develop in each partner country through workshops led by professional artists. In each country, learners and staff will have the chance to experience one specific type of art (music, theatre, clownery,…) and to observe and take part in a workshop made with a specific group (migrants, travelers, homeless, disabled people,…). The outcome of each workshop will be a public intervention through the occupation of different public spaces with creative and participative art forms performed by groups of people that are “not expected to perform arts in public places”. Finally, we´ll gather material about influences and reactions concerning these public interventions.
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