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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This Project is the result of the need in our school and town to improve our students’ skills and to update them making them more competitive, linking our teaching and methodological strategies to the demands of specific businesses related to our Hospitality and Catering course. One of the main problems in Vocational Studies Curricula in our country is that they are not properly linked to the demands of the labour world. In addition, when students find a job, there find some lacks in their training. We want our School Training Programme to offer an answer to our students’ actual training needs. That’s the reason why our mobility project aims at the teaching of key competences and soft skills that will play a key role in our students´ search for a place in the labour world. We’d like our programmes to have enough flexibility to add and adapt its skills and contents to the demands of our society and that, through the mobility of our Hospitality and Catering teachers there will be a common aim for updating and training. Having these objectives in mind, we’ve taken advantage of the contact we’ve got with a specialised vocational training school in Redbridge, London, as a result of a Comenius Regio partnership about the fostering of enterpreuning skills that the Provincial Directorate of MECD in Melilla coordinates with Redbridge Educational District. Through this partnership, Hospitality and Catering teachers from both countries have met and visited each other. As a consequence of these meetings, both teams of professionals have drawn the conclusion that students from these cities are alike (families in risk of social exclusion, long term unemployed, demotivated students facing similar situations year after year and a vast majority of students with an immigrant background). Nevertheless, Redbridge School has higher employability rates among students, and above all, updated teaching resources. After discussing possible solutions to this problem, we believe that a mobility project for our students and teachers may be the best solution. Through this project we’ll design formative agreements for participating teachers and training agreements for students’ practices that will give an answer to our teaching and learning gaps and will help us teachers improve our programmes and practices making them more attractive and updated and students giving them more qualifications and making them more interesting for potentional businesses, so that they can change their prospectives for their own future.

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