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Moltiplicare competenze con gli stakeholders
Start date: Mar 1, 2012,

According to Italian law, Regions and Autonomous Provinces are responsible for defining models of certification of skills (achieved in non formal and informal contexts).“Moltiplicare competenze con gli stakeholders (MCS)” aims to capitalize previous experimentations, realized at different times at local level, to start the debate across Regions at National level and to identify common elements and instruments and transferable items to be considered in the implementation phase of models and systems at regional level.The network promoted by MCS for the comparison, will develop:• 13 days of comparison events (Technical Panels, Focus Groups, Peer Analisys, Workshops, Seminars). Events will be distributed over a year for mutual learning;• a report containing all the experiences and representing regional certification systems developed in Italy;• Guidelines for policy makers and actuators for the construction of regional certification system. Guidelines will stress transferable elements and principles of integration in national and European Lifelong Learning strategies;• Digital dissemination of the project evolution and deliverables/products (web portal, newsletter (that will lead to dynamic archive of MCS docs), web animation on social networks)At a national level, MCS will provide a better information (addressed to: policy makers, actuators, stakeholders, citizens) on opportunities offered by regional systems (in progress) for the certification of competences achieved in different contexts.At a regional level, MCS will provide the set up of regional systems for certification of competences that are:- complete (skills acquired in all context: formal-no formal-informal);- recognized (models/devices methodologically certain);- correct (verification of competences using established, consistent and codified procedures);- transparent (products of process of attestation of competences will use references and languages shared).
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