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Mokytojų ir personalo kompetencijų tobulinimas ir mokymosi aplinkų kūrimas
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Participation in the project will help the school to achieve the strategic goal to ensure maximum quality of education, creating a dynamic and open environment for learning and openness to the world, i. e. partnerships, projects, network connections, etc. Our staff training is focused on professionalism, personal development, positivity provisions. So, our main areas of development are the following: staff education, European dimension in language teaching/learning, teaching and learning innovations and environments The aim is to improve and strengthen teachers' teaching skills in learning environments, to improve not only professional, but also the general competencies and social skills. The project will involve 14 teachers. The focus point are: - From class rooms to learning environments - Teacher competences and personality in a modern student centered learning environments - Usage of ICT and other medias in learning environment - Schools, internationalization and international cooperation - Function of library in the learning process - Management in the learning school. To secure better possibilities for implementation, development and sustainability the mobilities will happen in groups of 2 to 3 group members. Each group - development groups (DG) and mobility groups (MG) - will focus on job shadowing and discussions connected to the above mentioned topics. The task of the groups is to secure discussions in the school on these topics as well as implementation into everyday school practice for themselves and the colleagues. The person will be appointed responsible for the Project coordination. She will also be responsible for the quality and dissemination of the project. There will also be DG and MG groups, each member will be responsible for certain activities. During the project and at the end of it a constant diffusion on local school website, school Facebook is foreseen, also articles in local and national media are intended to publish, information will be given during meetings with parents, on the school stands, to school board teachers, board meetings, methodological groups. Local levels of information diffusion are held by the participants themselves and the person responsible for that at school. There is a planned dissemination in regional and national levels. Marijampole Meile Luksiene Education Center will help to share the experience of the project on how the skills gained have been integrated into the educational process and have contributed to improving the quality of education.   During and after the project each participant provides information on the achievement of goals and improved competencies, dissemination she is going to carry on local and national levels to the project coordinator and working group. Teachers provide information on how they have integrated their new and improved skills, competencies in the educational process resulting from the project, how it contributes to improving the quality of education.

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