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Mokytojo ugdymo(si) inkliuzinei mokyklai praktika tarptautiniame kontekste
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Inclusive education is for every school student. Every student is involved in everyday life, everyone is respected, everyone can be different, and the needs of every individual are met and unfolded. The priority of Siauliai „Romuvos“ Gymnasium is to individualize and differentiate the content of education in order to meet personal needs of students and to strive for the progress of each student. Teachers of our school try to arrange content of education for students of different abilities but personal experience of teachers is not systematized, teachers need specific recommendations, in particular with the support of the international context. There is not enough progress and motivation of pupils with different abilities, teachers want to know how to help students arrange their personal educational plans and to prevent them from early school leaving. Our school has concluded a cooperation agreement with „Romuvos“ Progymnasium, this school applies inclusive training components into their education process, that is why it is very important to be able to ensure the continuation of this training for students of Progymnasium in our school. Aims of the project „Inclusive school - education and practice for teachers in an international context“: 1. To meet the needs of all participants in education system – to help pupils with special educational needs (especially those, who are extremely gifted, and of lower abilities), to help teachers, who need methodological and psychological guidance, and to help parents, who have pupils with special educational needs. 2. To get acquainted with the specifics and strategies of working with pupils of special educational needs, to share experiences with colleagues, encourage them to create an environment of inclusive training in their lessons. 3. To improve career counseling in Gymnasium and to provide students with even more efficient aid to arrange their personal educational plans. 4. To promote the effective use of ICT which is a useful tool in inclusive education. 5. To develop teachers' foreign language, intercultural and communication skills as well as strenghten European dimension at school. At the time of the project gymnasium teachers will classify their experience of working with students of special educational needs, teachers will create a questionnaire to figure out the needs of the students with special educational needs. Four school teachers “ (two English teachers, ICT teacher and Ethics teacher ( career consultant)) will take part in the teacher training courses “Inclusive education“ organized by IDEC S.a. Institution in Isthmia (Greece). Participants will learn how to recognize the needs of pupils, to select right teaching techniques and evaluation. They will also learn how to individualize and differentiate tasks. Teachers will learn how to better arrange students‘personal educational plans. The training courses will be very useful for teachers as they will learn how to work with students with special educational needs, learn more about the benefits of inclusive education, how to aid the arrangement of students‘personal educational plans more efficiently, will apply their knowledge for differentiation and individualization in the content of education, will improve their general communication, intercultural and language competences in the international context. Participants of training courses will initiate positive changes in our school: proposals on how to provide students with more efficient aid to arrange their personal educational plans and how to individualize and differentiate the content of education in different lessons, in order to achieve the progress of each pupil. Teachers will establish international relationships with foreign schools to promote cooperation in various fields and the development of new projects, other teachers will be encouraged to take part in similar training courses. It will be easier for students to improve their learning skills as education will be more motivating and adapted to their personal needs. The project dissemination will be carried out outside the school. We will share knowledge and experiences with other school teachers and our social partners - the Siauliai University. The main purpose of our school is to pursue the progress of every student and that is why we are sure that the project activities will initiate meaningful long-term changes by making improvements of education process not only in our school. It will encourage other school teachers take an interest in inclusive training.

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