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Mój rozwój - lepsza szkoła.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project applicant is Adam Mickiewicz Secondary School in Drawsko Pomorskie where works 61 teachers and 501 pupils are taught in profiled classes. The students develop their interests during the extra-curricular activities, participate in contests and sports competitions. English teacher participated in a training KA1- Learning mobility, and then informed the head teacher about the possibility of participating in the project, provided the conditions for accession to the competition. He was appointed as the coordinator, chose collaborators and formed a team. The Proposal was presented to the Mayor Drawsko Pomorskie, who agreed to the project. Then the team gathered the necessary documents to submit an application. The team conducted a survey among employees in order to identify the needs of schools, teachers and students. After analyzing the survey the main participants were selected by a commission of beneficiaries. The composition of the committee were: the representative of the Host Authority, head teacher and school project coordinator, who teamed up with institutions in the UK, Germany, Slovenia and Austria, which organizes language courses, methodological and specialist training appropriate to the requirements. After that we began to fulfill the project proposal. The aim of the project is to care about the development of the student capable of and having problems in learning, improving the quality of schools, teachers' competence development, learning new techniques and methods of work, promotion of schools in the region. One of the points of Labour concept is the development of a student and the teacher personality, because teachers will have the opportunity for personal development through the acquisition of linguistic competence, so that they can continue their education in specialized courses. These activities will contribute to the acquisition of confidence, job satisfaction, and will give freshness and a new quality of work of the teacher. The aim is to extend the range of school education by creating new profiles. It may contribute to international cooperation with European schools. We want to introduce gradually all learned new courses in the school curriculum for evaluation, educational and prevention, strengthen our students and teachers, we will see new and more effective methods of teaching. We want our students to be more aware of the Europeans by establishing international cooperation and cultural exchange with participants from other countries. The aim is also possible to use online resources in a foreign language. The project involves the departure of 6 employees on English language course (4 of them are going to benefit from further training specialist) and 1 employee of the German language course. 1 germanist, 3 English teacher, 1 school teacher, 1 teacher-tutor Student Government, oligophrenopedagogy 1 teacher, 1 teacher of biology and chemistry, 1 Polish language teacher will leave for specific training and methodical. Participation in language courses and specialized training to help schools offer more attractive, raise the rank of our school in the region. These tours will help to meet the needs of our school. The main planned actions: 2015 - July or August 2015 - language course of English for 6 staff members (4 of them benefit from further training specialist) and 1 employee German language course. English language course for 6 German language course for 1 teacher: - 2015 years - 1 german specialist training in Austria or Slovenia "Neue Ressourcen für den Unterricht" 2016 - Second half of 2016 - part 1 teacher-tutor Local School specialist training in Germany. "Jugendbegegnungen" - Second half of 2016 departure specialized teacher training and methodical to the UK: * 2 English teachers Bringing BRITISH CULTURE TO LIFE CREATIVITY IN THE CLASSROOM The other teachers: * 1 school teacher - SPECIAL NEEDS AND INCLUSIVE LEARNING * 1 teacher oligophrenopedagogy - DEALING WITH difficult LEARNERS * 1 teacher of biology and chemistry - CLIL FOR SECONDARY TEACHERS * 1 Polish language teacher (leader of the teachers) - TEACHERS AS LEADERS * 1 English teacher - HOW TO BE A TEACHER STRESS FREE - PATHWAYS TO Wellbeing Results, benefits and impact: - To acquire knowledge and apply it in practice, knowledge of a foreign language - Learning new teaching methods and techniques - Intercultural exchange - A sense of European and intercultural awareness - The ability to integrate classroom and school - developing the language skills of language competence. - Improving the quality of work and learning outcomes, - An increase in social and communication skills. - Training for principals, teachers and parents - Promotion of the school - Improving the results of the exam - Extending the educational offer - Effective methods of working with pupils with learning difficulties - The ability to cope with stress - Conducting KA2 activities

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