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Modular Training System for Handicapped in Providing Attendant Support

The project will address the high level of unemployment amongst disabled persons through the provision of appropriate modular training and building upon the idea of 'attendant support'. Attendant support is offered to the target group by non-professionals in a similar disadvantaged situation to the disabled recipient. This is a system that is meant to aid individuals, families and groups with specific physical, psychological or social problems. The training itself will be delivered via vocational training institutions, medical and social institutions and NGOs working with the disabled. Having established the current state of training support for disabled persons within the partner countries, project partners will design a modular training curriculum and training methodology able to deliver appropriate training based upon attendant support. Expert reviewers' suggestions will inform the development of each module's contents, and didactic and curriculum material will be piloted with selected trainers. The final modular training curriculum will be published on paper and as a CD-Rom in English and in the partner languages and will be accompanied by manuals for trainers and trainees. Ultimately the project partners hope to transfer the curriculum to a web-based learning platform that can be utilised by trainers and trainees. To this end they will undertake research and development with respect to existing platforms and with regard to the requirements of the project with respect to course curricula intended for delivery using the 'attendant support' method. A project website will present the project's objectives and progress, will coordinate partner activities and will further disseminate project results. A virtual library will be established for the project partners that will contain common teaching and learning resources in the area of attendant support for the disabled.
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