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Módszertani megújulás és nemzetköziesítés a Városmajori Gimnáziumban
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND INTERNATIONALISATION IN VÁROSMAJORI GIMNÁZIUM In the present application, Városmajori Gimnázium aims at institutional quality development, the modernisation of the teaching of English, French and Italian in the school, as well as internationalization. I. Our GOALS based on the needs of the school are as follows: In the short run: - learning about new methods, good practices, cultures; broadening language and intercultural competences, improving presentation skills in foreign languages; involving the school management and other (non-language) subject teachers in in-service-teacher trainings abroad so that they can contribute to strategic partnerships with foreign schools with greater expertise in foreign languages to assist the long-term goals of the school. In the medium term, the school aims at our teachers becoming more efficient in preparing their students for higher education and that teachers live up to the educational challenges of the 21st century; preventing students from stopping learning foreign languages before the final year of their studies by providing professional development for some of our English, Italian, French teachers; increasing the role of the English, Italian, French languages in the school and in internationalisation; In the long run: - widening the knowledge-base of the school; improving competitiveness, the self-esteem of our teachers; keeping our innovative attitude, making internationalization and life-long learning a significant part of the daily life of the school; promoting multilingualism. II. Our goals can be achieved by carrying out the following ACTIVITIES: 1. 4 out of 12 English teachers in the school will take part in a two/or one-week professional development for teachers course in the UK 2. 2 teachers of French will take part in a two-week professional development for teachers course in France 3. 1 teacher of Italian will take part in a one-week professional development for teachers course in Italy 4. 1 teacher of physical education will take part in a one-week professional development for teachers course and conference in 5. The headteacher will take part in a one-week professional development for head teachers course in the UK 6. 1 of our public education specialists will take part in a one-week structured professional development course for school inspectors in Finland (Structured Study Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar in Helsinki) The programs of the selected training activities are in line with the professional needs of the teachers intending to take part in the courses as well as with the goals of our school. III. The envisaged RESULTS and IMPACTS, the potential long-term BENEFITS Besides the participants, the project will affect all the teachers and students of the our school in the short as well as the long run by the introduction of new teaching methods, the adoption of good practices, which will make it possible for our teachers to become more efficient in preparing our students for their university studies, meet the requirements of the pedagogical challenges of the 21st century. The skills acquired by the participating teachers abroad will contribute to the knowledge base of the school, will encourage other teachers of the school to take part in in-service training courses abroad in the future, our school will gain a competitive edge over other schools whose catchment area is the same. Our language teachers will be able to enrich their core lessons as well as their study circles with materials fitting the individual needs of their students to make it possible for them to be prepared more successfully for the final examination and C1 language exams within the school and motivate them not to leave language classes before their final year. The headteacher and one of our public education specialists will gain an insight into Standards and School Development Strategies, Quality Evaluation Criteria and Inspection Procedures in Education in England and Finland. By the mobilities of the present project it will be possible to develop strategic partnerships with the schools of the participants, the participating teachers will be able to take part in such cooperations with improved skills, there will be a growing interest in eTwinning, applications and projects, so our strategic goals in internationalisation can be fulfilled. To widen the scope of the impact, a Dissemination Plan has been developed and so the positive outcomes will not only affect the organizational quality management system and the quality of the education in the school but by our multiplicational activities all the students, the parents, the members of professional organisations, the school district etc. will also benefit from it.
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