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Modernity and traditions
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays, the most negative effect of spending too much time playing computer games and watching television is that children become anti-social . They have difficulties in direct contact with their peers. At the beginning the aim of our project is to encourage children to dream, develop their creativity, curiosity and ability to share their achievements - games, sports with their peers from other countries. This is the first step to let children know one another. The second important stage of knowledge is to know yourself by knowing the cultures, traditions , customs , holidays through art , music, drama , sports, experiences and direct contact. We want to establish not only multi-dimensional ties between our countries but also ties between our families through acting , fun, and spending leisure time together. We want to enable children to explore various aspects of their lives , broaden children's horizons , teach tolerance and empathy for their loved ones and for friends from other countries. In the project we aim to expand knowledge and strengthen contacts between teachers from schools participating in the project. We want teachers to work creatively, implement innovative activities in the learning process , develop their ability to work in an interdisciplinary team and learn new teaching methods. In addition, we want our pupils to be motivated to learn foreign languages from an early age, discovering and exploring the surroundings in their country and in Europe .
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