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Moderní způsoby výroby součástek
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Summary: The project “Modern Ways of Components Manufacturing” focusing on manufacturing of “3D printer” was chosen after detailed analisis and consultation with our partner school in Germany. The reasons were the following: The first cooperation with our partner school triggered with the project “Steam Engine”. The second cooperation went on by manufacturing of “All Purpose Vice” that solved out how to clamp the workpiece. During the manufacture, with the partner school we came to the conclusion how to subsequently use our knowledge with the work with CNC machines and forming in the program Solidworks. Together we came to the conclusion to make “3D printer” that would be able to produce our “All - Purposed Vice”. The 3D printer is useful to produce technical aids and serve as promotion material present at events organized by our school: Open day, International Craft Games, cooperation with elemantary schools, and recruitment. The model was manufactured by students of the 3rd grade of the field of turner, studying at our school and at the partner school in Germany, using their experience and knowledge gained in previous two years of studying. The students used their knowledge and skills learnt from the syllable of the field of turner in the practice. Participants in the project: The project involved students from two different schools. Each group consisted of twelve students. Students of 3th grade of turner from our school and the partner school participated in this project. The project was carried out in two stages: In the first stage, students at their schools designed future solutions and prepared drawings of the single construction parts via SolidWorks software. After that, students from the partners schools manufactured the construction parts and completed the entire device during the exchange practice. The main goal of the project: • Skills developments by working with software controlled machines, such as CNC machines using Haidenhein and Siemens software. • Skills development with CAD software, SolidWork usually used for construction and design of mechanical parts and drawing software Autocad. • Increase in the quality of the education • Implementation of innovative educational techniques • Improvement of foreign language knowledge • Achievement of comparable quality of students experience and knowledge to other EU countries • Improvement of students self-reliance • Improvement of teamwork • Improvement of students self-confidence • Improvement of students orientation in unknown territory • Participation in exact task improved their experience and prepared them better for the future work Methodology of the project: 1) Negotiation with the partner school: the deal of cooperation on this project, SOŠ TŽ, MBS Ansbach, 04. 12. 2014 2) Proposal and selection of the project of mobility, SOŠ TŽ, MSB Ansbach from 12/2014 to 03/2015 3) Elaboration and filling of the application, SOŠ TŽ MSB Ansbach 03/2015 4) May: evaluation of project 5) June: results of evaluation, choosing candidates, SOŠ TŽ, MSB Ansbach 6) July/August: assinging of homeworks to the students, connected with project 7) September/October: contract negotiation with the partner school 8) November: intensification of technical and language knowledge: preparation of technical vocabulary useful along the stay in Germany 9) December: realization of the first stage of the technical study abroad. The start was set on 6st of December 2015 2016 January/February: intensification of technical and language knowledge of participants in form of self-study. March: intensification of technical knowledge April: realization of the second stage of the technical study abroad. The start was set on 17th of April 2015, the end of the technical study stay abroad was set on 01. 05. 2016 May: evaluation of the technical study stay, arrangement of workshop June: elaboration of final reports of participants, elaboration of the final report of project Achievement: Students have become more self-confident and improved their foreign language knowledge. Students have mastered their work with CNC machines. Students have became more self-reliable and learnt their orientation in unknown territory. Students also gained experience for their future work. Result: The model is used as an teaching aid and an overview of subjects, both theoretical and technical part sof studying, during lessons in first and second grade of the field of turner. The experience gained in the project is reflected in the syllable and curriculum of the field of turner. The main value of the project has become visible in improving the level of students´ technical knowledge. The project has also increased interest in the field of turner or lathe operators in Moravia Silesian region, one of the regions with the highest level of unemployment in the Czech Republic. Project result The 3D printer model was also presented by our student
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