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Moderne Leistungsfeststellung und Leistungsbewertung im europäischen Vergleich
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background of our new project „Moderne Leistungsfeststellung und Leistungsbewertung im europäischen Vergleich“ is the implementation of the new Bavarian curriculum (Lehrplan Plus) at our school in the school year 2014-15 and hence the possibility to break new ground within the framework of school development. Furthermore we want to integrate the cooperation with European partner organizations as a permanent part into our school concept and to push forward the internationalization process of our institution. Our aim is to establish in our everyday school life alternative forms of judging pupils´ performances as well as discussions about the progress of each child. This year we had such kind of discussions for the first time, whereas other European countries are already used to that. The two selected partner schools in Great Britain and South Tyrol already possess a profound knowledge in this field. During a job shadowing we want to benefit of their experience and gain a profound insight into judging pupils´ performances and discussions about learning progress, which we later can use to improve our own system. In order to be able to communicate competently and purposefully during the job shadowing visit and also with future European partners, the visit of language courses is intended. To strengthen and not to overstrain the capacities of the involved organizations we confine ourselves to 5 mobilities and 4 participants (headmistress and 3 colleagues). The colleague taking part in job shadowing like the headmistress, is on the one hand the coordinator of our current Comenius- and the planned Erasmus+ activities. On the other hand she is representative of the new curriculum and spokeswoman of the 1st/2nd class teachers and therefore actively involved in our school development work. The two other participants were selected due to their high motivation and willingness to transfer their gained experience to the staff. While job shadowing in South Tyrol the headmistress will get an overview on school management level about the local school development policy and modern ways of judging pupils´ performances as well as the organization and realization of meetings with children and their parents to discuss about each child´s progress. The colleague job shadowing in Great Britain will study the same aspects from a teacher´s point of view. In order to be able to communicate competently with the English colleagues and to follow the lessons and the conversations with children and parents effortlessly, she will attend a special language course for teachers in advance. As a follow up of the two job shadowing visits the staff of our school will be informed in detail about the new experiences and will be actively integrated into the school development process. Together we want to develop and to put into practice alternative forms of observing pupils and their performance and establish regular meetings with children and their parents to discuss about each child´s individual progress. On the occasion of a professional exchange with colleagues of other schools in the framework of network meetings of the curriculum representatives, the colleagues of schools in our neighbourhood will also benefit from our experiences abroad and the resulting practice of observing pupils and their performance and of meeting with children and parents to discuss about individual progress. The two other colleagues will attend language courses in Great Britain and then transfer their knowledge to the staff within a teacher training. One teacher will focus on the communication with European partners and thus motivate our colleagues to take part in our Comenius- and Erasmus+ activities. The other teacher will emphasize the methodology of teaching English to young learners and thus enhance the professionalization of the English teachers and their lessons at our school. This should contribute to motivate the pupils and to enable them to communicate in English with children at our European partner schools. These are our aspired results and effects and the long-term benefits of the present project: Our school development plan should be affected positively in a sustainable manner. For this purpose we want to establish, on the basis of the knowledge gained abroad, modern forms of observing pupils and their performance and conduct regular meetings with the children and their parents to discuss about pupils´ progress, basing strongly on the children and including individual learning and development targets. Beside the teachers especially the children and their parents should therefore profit from the project. The increased language skills of the involved teachers will have long-term effects on the professionalization of the English lessons at our school and the further communication with future Erasmus+ partners. Thus the present project is also very useful for our European development plan.
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