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Modern Water Management in the South Baltic Sea Area - upgrade project (MOMENT UP)
Start date: May 31, 2010, End date: Jun 29, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

MOMENT UP IS AN upgrade project, close connected to the MOMENT project, with the same background, aims, values etc. It is jointly developed by the MOMENT partnership. MOMENT/MOMENT UP will develop local and regional methods for effective management of water, with special focus on nutrients and hazardous substances from small/diffuse sources. It will test, demonstrate and develop knowledge about how to go from theory to practical measures – developing an effective local work, including political involvement on different levels. For more information, please see the MOMENT application. ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES FOR MOMENT UP: • Stronger involvement of Kalinigrad Region, for the benefit of the project results and for the South Baltic Sea Area.• Increased knowledge about innovative solutions for combating pollution from diffuse sources, as a base for final conclusions and recommendations for future work. • A closer connection to the implementation of the EUSBSR, priority area1. MOMENT/MOMENT UP as an active partner and a good example. IN C3 MOMENT UP WILL ADD a Russian pilot area (a new Water Users Partnership). C3 will also add more activities in Akmena-Dane River pilot area, aiming at strengthening the creation of a Water User Partnership. C4 presents four new pilot measures. Storm water activities will give a better and more diversified input to the final results. Together with the MOMENT pilot measures in C4, they will lay the ground for two showcases for modern storm water treatment - in SE and in LT. Methods for handling of semi polluted sediments in shallow water areas will be developed. The potential for decreasing the outlets of phosphate from detergents through voluntary measures will be tested. The last pilot measure is about sustainable water quantity management as a way to decrease the risk for excess outflow of nutrients.MOMENT UP will also add an active contribution to the implementation of the EUSBSR (C5). THE MOMENT UP STRUCTURE is similar to MOMENT - the same project management, organisation, exchange, information, dissemination, expert resources etc. Output from MOMENT UP will be included in the final MOMENT results and reports. The projects will contribute to an improved and more effective water management, stronger networks and a higher political appreciation of the cross-border co-operation. Pilot area experiences will be applied on a more general and transnational level, i.e. in the perspective of ERB. Concrete conclusions and recommendations for the future water cooperation, as well as a political statement, will be presented. The results can be used for joint information and lobbying actions on environmental needs in the SBA. By adding a MOMENT UP project the final results will be of a even higher quality and value than if only the MOMENT project was implemented. Achievements: The activities that are to be implemented within MOMENT Up are, and were already from the start, very ambitious. Partly for this reason, activities have been delayed. However, during the final reporting stage all activities have shown significant progress and are now fully implemented. The only exception is an Atlas that was to be done for the pilot area Primorskaya River. In consensus between the Shirshov Institute and the LB it was decided to abort this task as the time remaining was considered to be too reduced. The Component 4 activities have all shown great progress and have now been fully completed. The information and dissemination activities, in particular carried out by partner 5, have proven very successful. Their efforts to involve children and students is something we have discussed on a project level and encouraging other partners, both in MOMENT and MOMENT Up, to follow. The investigations that have been carried out, i.e. the modelling of Kalmar City drainage area, have been done in a very thorough way, which will guarantee that the measures to be implemented will be placed in accurate locations. Thus leading to efficient nutrient retention and removal of hazardous substances. The establishment of a Water Users Partnership (WUP) in Primorskaya River pilot area has now been finalized. Their experiences, both good and bad, have been valuable information in the WUP evaluation carried out by Ramboll Management (reported in MOMENT).It has been encouraging to see that the project efforts of having an ongoing dialogue with the Priority Area One Coordinators (PAC) for the EUSBSR has started to show some results. The projects position paper that was submitted to the EU Commission for the revision of the EUSBSR Action Plan was highlighted during the third PAC meeting in Gdansk the 27th of October. As a concrete result of this work the WUP method has been highlighted in the last revised EUSBSR Action Plan. The project will continue its efforts, at all levels, of stating the need for actions required to improve the conditions of the Baltic Sea.The response for MOMENT from media and the general public has been very positive, which among else can be seen in the many articles and interviews that so far have been produced. It has also been very positive to see that some of the partners have started to exchange knowledge and experiences outside the project requirements.
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