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Modern University in modern Europe. International transfer of innovation in the field of vocational education for people with extensive professional experience employed in public sector.

Europe is increasingly experiencing negative effects of population ageing. They are visible in the demographic structure of the labour market, situation of people aged 50+ in the labour market and the cooperation between representatives of this age group with younger co-workers (aged 30-). The situation is particularly difficult in the public sector, where many people aged 45+ are employed. They are rarely released from work which makes employment of young people very difficult due to "freezing of posts." The growing gap between different age groups of workers makes it difficult to communicate; it also prevents the transfer of experience from older to younger workers and knowledge transfer of new technologies the other way round. Such a blockade leads to tensions between different generations of workers – older receive tasks which are considered uninteresting, just to enable them to survive till the retirement age whereas younger compete trying to develop new work schemes that have already been created. Project addressed this problem – it provided support for both public sector employers and employees aged 45+ and 30- by offering them skills and knowledge which allow effective cooperation, and thus, benefiting from strengths of different age groups. The main objectives of the project were: • diagnosis of the needs of people aged 45+, related to their activity and attractiveness in the labour market in eight European Union countries; • support for staff with extensive professional experience (45+) and persons entering the labour market (30-); • support for employers in the effective age management; • creating a favourable climate for older workers employed in the public sector. The project involved transfer of innovation from the LDV project "55+ Employability Learning Environment", which developed reports on the situation of older people in the labour market and a set of trainings dedicated to these persons.The project consortium was composed of different actors performing an active role in shaping the realities of the labour market; these included: 2 universities (Poland, Bulgaria), non-governmental organizations (Greece, Italy, Belgium, Hungary) and small and medium companies (the Czech Republic, Finland).
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