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Modern Hayvancılık İşletmeleri ve Kaliteli Süt Üretim Teknikleri
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project , Malatya, Cankiri and Tefenni Agricultural School of Animal Husbandry , Animal Health and studying in the fields of Agronomy 10.11 and 12 class is intended for students . Our people healthy and balanced nutrition , animal husbandry depends on the development of industry in rural areas in the short term job creation, family economy , supporting priority development areas the development of new agricultural profitability of enhancing further the EU at the entrance of the most critical sub-sector because of farming, our country and our region vital to have . Turkey produced 89.66 % of the total milk production in dairy cattle is provided by s . Dairy cattle in rural areas where they provide employment opportunities to the people and their relationships with these people's homes, which continue to have a unique socio-economic functions . Milk is produced each day and converted into cash in a short time because of the family economy more gibidir.ihtiyaç insurance sold a cow redeemable at any time Our region and the country in general , broad grassland and forage crops cultivation area to have the appropriate ecology, from past experience , economic and social conditions of an important farming has the potential , although the yield and quality is very low Our country's livestock to improve quality and to increase the efficiency of animal husbandry sector qualified staff for the needs to be met Agricultural School in vocational training in the verilmektedir.hayvancılık area students who graduate from public and private agricultural enterprises and their business by working at national livestock breeding serve to . For this reason, after graduation, our students gain region and the country is reflected in the agricultural sector Agricultural School in animal husbandry in our country in 2011, provides the general agricultural training , whereas in the classical form of livestock , animal farming area after 2011 with the formation of modular training system was launched . However, the modular training system can not yet be inserted into the desired configuration , which is required for students in business skills training, infrastructure and industry due to failure to establish the full connection ; students practical training in the livestock sector are not given the qualifications needed . The livestock sector problems towards the work of technical staff to intervene in this unit are required to become familiar with the area . In addition, the livestock sector's problems in this area, new knowledge and technologies , closely followed by the animal husbandry sector confidence , with the knowledge and high level of skills , entrepreneurial spirit, with elements can be solved in this field and forwards can be reached . With this project, the livestock area reading from students ; animal husbandry professional knowledge, skills , attitudes and behaviors to develop their business life harmony, the actual production and service environment to grow and schools in livestock and non- facilities , equipment, recognition of today's modern farming conditions closely to follow foreign language skills develop , different countries and cultures together , technological developments and methods of compliance to ensure that in the EU livestock enterprises internship work to do, when they graduate to have a job and livestock employment are intended. Our project expected results ; European livestock operations conducted in an internship with the work resulting new knowledge and techniques , our region is transferred , more modern, self-conscious, quality and production of high levels of animal production to be made , livestock encouraging innovation will be supported , the livestock sector needs qualified workers will be met the EU common agricultural policy to keep pace will be different culture and language features that people of this country to know each other employment and on the job productivity will increase, confidence will be improved , European awareness will consist of a foreign language will develop , guide our teachers ; personal , professional, cultural and language development will contribute to our schools , agricultural training in service quality , competitiveness , entrepreneurship and productivity capacity will be strengthened, the EU adaptation level will rise , homeowners with our partners agricultural education cooperation in opportunities will be developed . Study abroad period of the project will be held on 14 June-July, 2016. Belgian study of the project will be carried out in two streams and a total of 20 students will participate. Germany working with 20 students, 10 students study in Finland, Spain çalışmalarına10 students participate. An accompanying teacher will accompany each group
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