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MOdellentwicklung: Kunst und Kreativität als Alternative
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

MOKKA => MOdellentwicklung: Kunst und Kreativität als AlternativeDevelopment of Models: Art and Creativity as AlternativesFor a successful partnership in education it is most important that those involved are partners in the true meaning of the word and meet on an equal footing. Openness, mutual respect and esteem as well as active participation are essential for successful careers and thriving cooperation in education. The BAMF has outlined their view on its website. Doubtlessly, there are many examples of projects which have succeeded in integrating people into processes of learning, in improving their competencies, in extending their career prospects. They address school education, professional training and further training as well as every educational establishment for adults. In future, however, the persons responsible for educational and professional training will have to respond even more intensively to challenges like integration, heterogeneous preconditions and the use of specifically designed individual tools which aim at support, enculturation and mutual acceptance.The project MOKKA is going to test and document ways to improve people’s skills and abilities to make contacts und become integrated. IN ADDITION to the conventional educational content the project is meant to bring forward those creative talents of people that contribute to developing self-confidence and stabilizing self-assurance. Teachers and lecturers have to acquire additional expertise in this particular area in order to help with support and innovative ideas. Therefore, in the project MOKKA small work samples are generated to provide concrete creative ideas and schemes. These will be used in an accompanying process to put together material and incentives as basis for an ADD-ON-programme which focuses on social and cultural issues.MOKKA is going to comprise the following items:> small work samples which are developed corresponding to the creative ideas in the partner institutions and which will be documented afterwards> various incentives which will inspire and encourage teachers and students when realizing their 'creative ideas'> the pooling of concepts that have been generated and consolidated during the process within our transnational cooperation> the development of material and small modules for further dissemination within the participating institutes as well as in similarly structured institutions in the vicinity> the concept of a module/a course as a competence course ‘MOKKA’, which will then be offered as a course of further training within the European context.The domestic milieu of encouragement in which immigrants and persons with a tendency towards deficits in education live, is often not suited to motivate young adults and to encourage them to trust their own talents. Here it is imperative to improve, expand and develop the preconditions. Capabilities and skills need sensible and individual support in order to create a stable basis of self-confidence in these people. Their capabilities and talents are manifold and differentiated; as, however, an early emphasis on competition – mainly concerning very basic competences – implies a narrow perspective in our competitive society, they often remain undetected. Options are not taken and young people become dissatisfied as they realize that what they have to offer and what they are interested in obviously does not count and does not seem to be important on the market of qualifications.Thus the project MOKKA aims at improving and training competencies and skills by providing information, instruction and practical examples in a combination of theory (material) and praxis (work samples). Thus the pedagogical staff will be enabled to recall and rely on those competencies and skills in order to help counter and avoid the alienation or exclusion of young people with limited intellectual possibilities at an early stage. Indeed, the integration and possibly even inclusion of students may prosper.Our project partners are extra-curricular institutions (museums, art and music academies, educational associations) in which pedagogical programmes have been developed and are employed successfully. The project MOKKA will be initiated in accord with these partners.Despite all our small intermediate steps we will keep an eye on the aim to develop a kind of general competence-course for lectures on how to apply an ADD-ON-programme. In this way, eventually, not only the participating institutions will profit but others as well.
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