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Model of Assessing the Professional Competencies of Car Mechanics in the Context of EU Experience

Project Participants: seven vocational training institutions from different European countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey.Project Coordinator: Vilnius School of Car Mechanics and BusinessProject Objective: to prepare a compendium of theoretical and practical tasks for evaluation and comparison of car mechanics’ competencies acquired in different training environments, with the purpose to increase the attraction of vocational training, to improve the quality of vocational training, and to promote international cooperation.In the course of the project, the participants have:- got familiar with the documents regulating the contents of vocational training of car mechanics in the participating countries;- created an evaluation matrix for theoretic knowledge and practical skills and applyied it in preparation of a compendium of tasks;- translated the compendium of tasks into each participating country’s language and test it in professional excellence competitionsCooperation between vocational training institutions from different countries allowed to share best experiences on a European level. It will help discover and make the best possible use of the strong aspects of vocational training. International cooperation will motivate teachers to learn foreign languages, encourage the creation of new professional career opportunities, and deepen the understanding of Europe’s cultural diversity and unity. The product of the Project will be used in further activities with other training institutions and business enterprises. Once implemented, the Project will help increase the attraction of vocational training.

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