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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CINEL, whose motto is "Technology and the Future in one center", is guided by standards of excellence and quality, its mission is to provide training and professional certification in the areas of electronics, telecommunications, energy and information technology, assert itself as an excellence and national reference center. Through innovation and continuous improvement, provide high quality and value training services, tailored folling the needs and expectations of business to citizens, thus contributing to the development and strengthening of skills relevant to actual condition of labor market.In furtherance the goals, priorities that have defined, are built on four pillars: (i) provide training quality; (ii) focusing on internationalization; (iii) increase the implementation rate technological specialization courses post - secondary, level 5 and (iv) provide training services tailored to the real needs of companies in the sector.The ERASMUS+ application falls into two of these priorities: internationalization and provide new training experiences, hence promote the quality of training he teaches.CINEL wants to contribute to the development of quality learning throughout life, provide learners with the exchange of experiences, contact with other cultures and educational, Training and / or work contexts, thus promote the acquisition of formal and non-formal skills and contribute to the exchange and transfer of knowledge.Through this application highlights the fact that CINEL have celebrate some Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreements with similar training centers in Romania and Poland, aimed the introduction of ECVET system which, from our point of view, is a added value to the process.In this project we intend to engage in 2 mobilities, 22 trainees of electronic and automation (Oport 11 and Lisbon 11). Each flow provides two moments: a first moment is the frequency of a short training course in a specialized center and a second phase that will match the performance of a stage work context for three weeks.These experiences of mobility, besides stimulating the acquisition / enhancement of knowledge, also contribute to the development of social and language skills, likewise promote behaviors of autonomy and sense of discovery for new realities that may enhance the improvement the employability of learners and therefore facilitate future integration into the labor market.The skills and experience acquired by trainees value, first, her image in prospective employers but also the image of CINEL while training center that is committed to quality and excellence of its training projects.Sharing these experiences between the different classes of learning, serves as a motivational factor for those who are attending training and for those who want to come attend the training actions developed by CINEL, contributing thus to make the training process more attractive, improve their quality and to reduce early drop-out rates of formation.The CINEL participation in projects of this nature also contribute to the development and projection for the center in the country and in the world, facilitating integration into European and global cooperation networks and enabling collaboration with enterprises and organizations seeking training in the areas of expertise of the Centre .

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