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Mobiltätsberatungsstelle TRANSMOBILO Mobil in Europa – Auslandspraktikum für Auszubildende Servicestelle für Auszubildende Im Rahmen eines Transition-Management und Transition-Coaching
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Mobility Counseling Center (MCC) TRANSMOBILO mobile in Europe - internship for trainees Economic life in Germany is highly characterized by international aspects. Every 5th Crafts enterprise maintains business contacts abroad especially in the EU neighbouring countries. To also secure a good position in the future in the global competition, the german economy esp. small and medium sized businesses which are confronted with growing international economic ties is dependend on well trained staff with international competences. Only one to two percent of the apprentices did already an internship abroad. There is a need to promote apprentices own initiative to benefit from working abroad. Our objective as MCC is to promote business relevant mobility abroad and to support apprentices or after the apprenticeship, to increase the professional qualification of the personel esp. of small and medium sized businesses in Hessen for raising the vocational skills abroad. We want to send 35 apprentices per year to UK and Spain and conduct 30 presentations in companies and vocational schools.. The profil of the MCC includes the support and promotion of structural development for apprentices to work abroad during their vocational training and gather skills in their respective areas of work. By transition management and transition coaching the MCC supports the transition of young adults from the place of residence/workplace abroad and back. The contents of the Transition Management and – Coaching are: Conduct presentations about internships abroad in companies, vocational schools and interplant vocational trainings, inform about and raise subsidies from i.e. Erasmus Plus, help with planning, organization and conduction internships abroad as individual or group arrangement. The MCC does research and acquisition of companies in UK and Spain and also coach the participants during their stay abroad, this with the support of our partners in UK and Spain. Evaluation and sustainability of the internship abroad and the networking of companies abroad and in Germany to cooperate are further tasks. We work with individual counseling with the participants, vocational instructors and relatives and in group settings and peer-counseling concerning the language development, intercultural- and conflict training. The evaluation happens through questionnaires, interviews in the companies and special tasks from the companies abroad, progress reports, which should implement the abroad learned into the local companies. The participants should develop their international competences, like intercultural competences, language skills, work- and cultural specific expertise. Result should broaden the horizon; raise the self-confidence and the flexibility and mobility. These competences will be documented through the “Europass” and ECVET. The sustainability for businesses means to become more attractive as apprenticing company, increase the effective operation of personnel development, forge links to international contacts which might turn into business relations and heighten the image improvement. We expect the foundation, and strengthening of regional enterprise networks with long determined objectives. Sustainability for the association means to develop new concepts in the future which give an international aspect to vocational trainings and advanced qualification trainings. We aim for implementing and increasing the awareness level of possibilities for exchange and their benefits and raise the motivation level to take part in exchange programs. We want to extend existing networks, develop new commercial partnerships with domestic stakeholders and those from abroad. Altogether the Know-how to act on the European scale should be improved.
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