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Mobilny Technik w ZSGH w Wiśle
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project, implemented by Secondary School of Hospitality and Catering in Wisła in cooperation with Training UK and Tribeka Training Lab S.L., is to give 50 students a chance to undergo 4-week long internship in the Great Britain and Spain. The participants of the project will be the students of gastronomy and hospitality.The main objective of the project is meeting the participants’ needs concerning gaining practical work experience in order to enhance the key competences so that they can improve their position on the job market. The students will have a possibility to benchmark the operation and methods applied in the companies in Poland and abroad which will increase their flexibility and adaptation to various working environments both in the country and abroad. Moreover, the participants will receive Europass Mobility document, which proves the qualifications and increases the employability in different countries. The internship abroad will have a positive effect on improving language skills. The participants will have an opportunity to check their language competence in real everyday situations as well as in professional life. The necessity to use language every day will have a positive effect on communication skills. As a result they will be more self-confident and motivated to learn. Furthermore, the improved language skills will facilitate their participation in further trainings and international experiences, which will promote the idea of long life learning. The students will also have a chance to develop social and interpersonal skills as well as the valuable employee’s qualities such as consciousness and self-reliance.Participation in mobility project will enable students to go abroad and meet people originating from different cultural background which will help increase tolerance and openness. The group which will especially benefit from the project are the students living in the rural areas who, owing to their family, social and financial situation, have a limited access to experiences building multicultural awareness. Their participation in mobility will allow them to become more open to different cultures.Another aim of the project is to promote the European dimension of our organization by commencing cooperation with foreign companies and to increase its prestige in local community.The expected results:- increasing the level of key competences facilitating job searching and career development,- gaining professional experience abroad facilitating participant’s mobility during job searching in the future,- increasing participants’ self-reliance through travelling abroad, staying away from family and home as well as increased self-confidence steaming from managing new experiences,- increased language competence gained through practical learning in the native speakers environment, increasing the motivation to further learning and improved learning results,- encounter with different culture facilitating cultural dialogue and increasing multicultural awareness,The project implementation will be beneficial not only to its participants but also to people indirectly connected with it. Owing to the promotion of the results, other students, parents, teachers as well as local community will be aware of the benefits steaming from European cooperation. It will teach the openness and tolerance and promote the idea of long life learning and gaining new experiences to be more flexible on job market. The project will have long-lasting effects noticeable after its completion. The results of the project will be disseminated during the events promoting our school such as open day or educational fairs, which will increase school’s appeal and attract new students. The promoting activities combined with European dimension will increase the school’s prestige and position in local community.

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