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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The target group of the project will be11 teachers and / or members of the school management who are interested in developing their professionalism in the management of the school or the provision of aeducation quality and pedagogical work especially with young people at risk of early school leaving. It is also important for them to get support in the form of psychological knowledge. The candidates for participation in the project will receive a specially prepared application and information about the procedure and deadline for submitting it to the school office. On this basis and on the basis of school documentation 4-person committee will award points and will select candidates for the mobility. Recruitment results will be presented in the form of a protocol. We plan to organize three mobility. First mobility - we will send 4 school managment members on a course to Greece ,, Effective school ". During the second mobility 2 teachers and 1 coordinator will be sent for our German partner school for 3 days job-shadowing and co-participation in the course ,, How effectively motivate students to learn." During the third mobility 3 of our teachers and one of the coordinators will take part in workshops in Spain ,,Coaching in educational contexts to reduce early school leaving". Before leaving for the training, participants will be prepared taking part the cultural, linguistic and risk prevention courses (71 hours throughout the project.) Cultural preparation will take place in two phases: domestic and foreign (Spain and Germany) and only abroad during the trip to Greece. The national phase activities will be carried out by respectively German,Spanish and English language teachers and the school counselor. Each group will participate in a 10-hour conversations in English and people going to Spain or Germany in the 10- hour- course ,, German / Spanish communication and Germany / Spain cultural elements "as well as individual and group sessions with risk prevention (11 hours in the project) (app.3) This is the first project in our school which is supposed to solve the diagnosed problem ( especially early school leaving and lack of motivation among students to develop their knowledge ) in different way- by supporting the work of teachers and managers. After the mobility , both management and teachers will conduct workshops and open classes - thanks them all of our teachers will inherit the new pedagogical and psychological knowledge and skills and attitudes useful in their future work. The main objective of the project: -power teachers and managers in improving the quality of their work. Specific objectives: - raise management efficiency, - master effective methods of diagnosing the needs of students and the adaptation of the teaching methods and the school curriculum, - find ways to involve young people at risk of early exit from school in the education system by examining the mechanisms of this phenomenon and the search for ways of dealing with it, - broaden the knowledge of participants with regard to the reasons for early school leaving, to provide the basis of theoretical and practical skills, - exchange best practices, - gain experience through practical action, -increase English proficiency, -improve ability to cooperate at the international level. The planned project fits perfectly into the School Strategic Development Plan and complements a continuation of an ongoing Erasmus plus, and just completed Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects . It is also going to be a preparation for the planned strategic partnership in the field of education, training and youth, which we intend to submit with the partner school . We are going to continue VET mobility projects and include our students from basic professional classes in them as well. Expected outputs of the project is modification of : -School Development Plan, -Shool Educational Program, -Shool Prevention Program, - School Grading Systems, -teaching programmes. Cooperation with the partner school, in addition to mobility, will also include video conferencing and eTwinning action. This will allow teachers to meet colleagues from another EU country, to discuss similarities and cultural differences, and to build a basis for future cooperation. German school will apply a similar project in its National Agency, so there is a chance to visit them in our school.

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