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Mobilnost dijakov in osebja IC Piramida Maribor 2014 - 2016
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project was based on a vision and a long-standing international practice of EC Piramida Maribor and objectives of the schools to enable staff and students further international experience. Basic objectives, partners and project activities were formed already in the project application, and we have pursued them throughout the performance. The objectives of the project were associated with food and nutrition, internationalization and development of the school, staff and students, thereby to the improvement of the school quality. Most of the planned project activities were also realized. In the project we have: - achieved greater international integration and thereby also the importance and prestige of the school environment, - upgraded our knowledge of the educational and production systems in the field of food science and nutrition of other countries, - realized some new trends (e.g. .: new food, new ecology approaches) - become acquainted with the importance of professional competitions and new opportunities for cooperation with the school environment (the good practice from other schools) - upgraded approaches for ensuring food safety and quality of the lessons learned from other countries, - met some of the typical food products from countries with which we have cooperated, - gained some new professional experience, - upgraded our knowledge on the supply of food products on the market and organization of consumers protection in other countries, - reassured that the skills and knowledge of participants spread among other students, school staff, as well as other interested parts (parents, businesses, other schools, etc.). The project involved 53 participants: 18 students on a bi-monthly practice in Vienna, 6 students on the two-week practice (France and Denmark), 6 accompanying persons (only for a short period), and 23 employees in the EC Piramida Maribor (more than a half of the total). The project was to ensure equal opportunities for the international cooperation of all interested students and staff at EC Piramida Maribor and we really put an effort in involving also students who are socially weaker or from migrant families. Considered were as well the above-average learning outcomes. We were also very careful in including in the project staff members with less or no international experience. Project participants were satisfied with the project. They have developed their professional skills, the interest in the international affairs, they improved their language skills, the tolerance to differences, and the better understanding of their own and foreign cultural environment. Gained was also the additional expertise in the field of food science and nutrition. The project has also contributed to the personal growth of all project participants. We successfully worked with partners from Denmark, France, Austria, Great Britain and Sweden. We were proud also to transfer our experiences and good practices abroad as we actively participated in the various presentations and the project partners agreed on further cooperation. Originally planned activities were not fulfilled with only one scheduled partner. But we have replaced the loss with a new partner and a new activity. We were proud that we managed to motivate our very young students (the majority still minors) from the first and second year of vocational education to extended practical training in companies abroad. Due to the high interest even more students than had planned were sent to the practice to foreign countries. We have assumed that the project contributed to a better recognition of the school and thereby to increase the attractiveness of vocational education among young people in Maribor and Slovenia. We have enriched the international experience of our project members as well as our partners’, and fully justified the confidence of the EU, which was shown to us with the approval of the project.
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