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Mobilności zagraniczne szansą sukcesu zawodowego uczniów i nauczycieli.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project was initiated as a grassroots initiative of the J. Ruszkowski Complex of Vocational School in Pułtusk and B. Prus Complex of Schools in Pułtusk as a response to the needs expressed by students, teachers, parents and local businesses. The initiative is designed to create opportunities for students of vocational schools to gain: professional experience in a foreign company and linguistic and cultural competencies that will make them attractive in the labor market and to create conditions for teachers to develop professional competences. The project schelued in: 1.Strategic Documents of District of Pułtusk: District Development Strategy 2014-2020, its objectives in the field of public education are among others: enhancing the activities of schools in obtaining external funds for expansion, development of cooperation with EU Member States in the framework of EU programs for education, raising the professional qualifications of teachers, providing equal educational opportunities for pupils. 2.Strategic Documents of schools: The Concept of School Work of ZSZ for 2014-2020 and Work Plan of ZS for 2014-2020 envisage the participation of students and teachers in international mobilities. The direct objective of the project is to acquire knowledge and skills, work experience and language and cultural competences by 37 pupils from vocational schools - technical school s at ZSZ and ZS and the development of professional skills, language and culture competences of 4 teachers of vocational subjects from ZS, by allowing them to participate in international mobility till VI 2016. 1.In Italy, in the town of Spoleto, in the company of Fattoria Biologica Patrice 160h of professional practice realized place for 12 students from ZS: Specialization: technician of nutrition and gastronomy services from ZS and Job Shadowing for 4 teachers of vocational subjects from ZS -48h. 2.In Spain, in the towns of Granada and Martos 160h of professional practice realized implemented in cooperation with the international organization Europroyectos LDV SL for the following groups: 1) students from ZSZ: students - IT technician (5 persons) students - technician economist (4 persons) students - technician mechanic (6 persons) 2) students from ZS: 5 students-technician in advertising; 5 students -technician in hairdressing. Participants were provided with preparatory activities for the departure: 1) 5 hours of pedagogical training for students 2) 5h cultural preparation for students and teachers 3) 30h course of Italian language for students 4) 30h course Spanish language for students 5) 15h course Italian language for teachers Specific objectives of the project and the results achieved: 1. Acquisition of knowledge, skills and professional experience of working in a foreign company by the students: 1)From ZS in Pultusk: 12 students in the field of gastronomy, 5 students in the field of advertising; 5 students in the field of hairdressing. 2)From ZSZ in Pultusk: 5 students in the field of IT; 4 students in the field of electronics, 6 students in the field of mechanics 2.Increased professional competences in the field of nutrition and gastronomy services for 4 teachers of vocational subjects from ZS in Pułtusk through participation in Job Shadowing training. 3.Increased communication skills in Italian and English for 12 students and 4 teachers from ZS in Pułtusk, and Spanish and English for 15 students from ZSZ in Pultusk and 10 students from ZS in Pułtusk, including the used of vocabulary related to the profession. 4.Increased awareness and understanding of the culture and tradition of Italy by 12 students and 4 teachers from ZS in Pultusk, and culture and tradition of Spain by 15 students from ZSZ in Pultusk and 10 students from ZS in Pultusk. Long-term results: 1.Acquired professional knowledge and skills and work experience in the foreign company 2.Increased motivation of students to continue learning and personal development and improved student performance in learning. 3.Increased chances of students for a successful career and finding a job. 4.Improving the quality of work of teachers. 5.Increased motivation and job satisfaction of teachers. 6.Increased knowledge of students and teachers on European programs and training opportunities through EU programs. 7.Increased competences of schools’ and Districts’s staff in field of applying for EU funds and carrying out of mobility projects. 8.Better management system of schools in the District of Pułtusk. 9.Experiences and skills acquired during mobility project transferred by students
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