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"Mobilność uczniów i kadry Technikum nr 2 w Końskich - podstawą wysokiej jakości kształcenia zawodowego".
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project entitled "The mobility of students and staff of Technical School No. 2 in Końskie - the basis of high-quality vocational education" will be implemented by a team of Secondary School No 2 in Końskie in cooperation with the German company Vitalis GmbH in Schkeuditz under Action "The mobility of learners and workers” Programme FRSE Erasmus + . The project duration is 17 months - from 1st June 2016 to 31st October 2017. The project envisages holding of a two-week internship in Germany by 10 students from second and third classes of Technical Secondary School of Hairdressing Services and 5 students from third class of Technical Secondary School of Construction within a period of 29th January 2017 to 11th February 2017 and improvement of vocational teachers who teach in Technical Secondary School of Hairdressing Services (2 people) and within the Technical Secondary School of Construction (2 people) in the framework of the Job Shadowing type practices at German institutions of education and training from 19th August 2017 to 26th August2017. The basic objectives of the project on students are: improving the practical skills, complement to the compulsory apprenticeships, increasing the chances of finding employment in both the domestic and the international labor market, use and deepening acquired substantial knowledge in the construction and hairdressing and learning the conditions of the German labor market. In preparation for the internship there will be conducted classes for students in support of pedagogical, cultural and linguistic knowledge. While in Germany, the youth will improve their practical skills training (hairdressing and construction) in workshops on Gut Wehlitz and hairdressing salons in and around Leipzig. The cultural program will be implemented in the framework of which students will go on a trip to Berlin and Leipzig.The main objectives of the project on teachers of vocational subjects are enabling the improvement of practical skills in hairdressing and construction, knowledge of German institutions of vocational training, their equipment and standards and methods for effectively preparing students for the examinations of the profession. In preparation for vocational teachers to mobility they will be language classes for them - enabling to improve cultural competence to communicate in German, enrich knowledge in the field of vocational education and the German culture, history and economy. During practice Job Shadowing teachers of vocational subjects will learn about the activities of the Saxon Education Agency, hairdressing Academy "Schirmer" in Leipzig and the Inter-Departmental Training Centre BFW Bau Sachsen eV in the field of construction. They will observe training methods and improve their practical skills. As a part of the cultural program, teachers will visit Dresden and Leipzig. Implementation of the project will raise the linguistic competence and knowledge of German culture and customs, both by students and teachers. Teachers will receive a certificate confirming participation in the linguistic and cultural preparation. The priority in the project will be the use of modern tools in the form of Certificates: Mobility - Language Passport and ECVET. Young people will receive certificates issued by the school confirming participation in training in the field of the German language, cultural and pedagogical support. Students will receive certificates of participation in an internship and certification of individual opinion from a partner of our project. Documents used in the project will be both for students and teachers professional confirmation of knowledge of foreign languages and acquired skills and qualifications during mobility in Germany. The effects of the Project will convey not only for the participants but also for school managers, teachers working in the Project and local employers who will receive knowledge of the German system of vocational education . The headmaster and teachers managing the project will gain more experience in FRSE Erasmus + project management . Thanks to our partner, the Project will expand the scope of international cooperation with the school educating in hairdressing services technician and construction technician. The project results will be examined by the evaluation questionnaires, interviews and reports. The summary of the Project will be a conference during which students and teachers of vocational subjects will present the effects of mobility and will receive certificates. Expected results of the Project are to provide high-quality technical vocational training in hairdressing services and technical construction, reinforcement of personal and professional students and teachers of vocational subjects and increase of mobility on the international labor market and in the area of vocational training.
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