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Mobilność,kompetencje, doświadczenie - klucze sukcesu na europejskim rynku pracy
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project entitled „Mobility, skills, experience – keys to success on a European job market” is aimed at the students of Zespół Szkół Politechnicznych w Głogowie (Politechnic Schools Complex in Głogów). It is the school’s response to a constantly growing need for technical specialists on the job market, who at the moment lack practical experience including professional experience and internships abroad. The goal of the project is to show attractive methods, solutions and practices within the field of vocational training of electrical technician and IT technician (exchange of experiences). The main objective is to combine theory with practice, which would inevitably lead to strengthening the link between the world of education and work. The concrete objectives of the project are: 1. Increase of the quality of education, in particular, in the area of electrical engineering with the focus on “green energy” and in the area of IT with the focus on “creating applications on the ANDROID platform”. 2. Implementation of innovative programme, didactic and educational solutions by obtaining and introduction of new tools and methods in teaching electrical and IT subjects. 3. Effective change of learning habits of students and teachers by encouraging the use of didactic innovations to make lessons more engaging 4. Development of teamwork skills among students and teachers. In the aftermath of the training abroad, there will be a rise in students’ self-esteem and teacher’s authority. 5. Improvement in foreign languages skills among students and teachers, especially vocational English and interest in learning Spanish. 6. Preparation of students and teachers to work in international teams. 7. Increase in awareness of students and teachers of the benefits of school and extramural education and European mobility 8. Enhancement of student’s chances on the European job market by acquiring latest knowledge and know-how out of school 9. Presenting students with the ECVET system as a technical framework used for future transfers, recognition and collection of achievements and therefore increasing professional marketability on the European job market. There will 64 beneficiaries of the project: second-grade and third-grade students of technical high school specializing in electrical engineering and IT (32 students in each profession), who will be chosen in the process of recruitment taking female students into particular consideration. There will be also 8 teachers from Zespół Szkół Politechnicznych w Głogowie participating in the project, but not less than 4 teachers of electrical and IT subjects. Teachers and students will partake in a 14-day-long internships in two Spanish schools in four rounds, each round involving 16 students and 2 teachers (2 rounds for electricians and 2 rounds for IT technicians). During each of the two-week internships in one of the Spanish schools students and teachers will take part in 60 hours of training in the electrical and IT field, which are not included in the Polish curriculum. Moreover, there will be 40 hours of Spanish language learning provided and 2 excursions introducing the participants to the culture and history of Andalusia. The schedule of the visits and trainingships, accommodation, food and safety rules have been agreed on between the participating organizations. Methodology of the project will be based on the questionnaires carried out among all the participants before, during and after the project. On top of that, each participant and each group will be interviewed. EuroMind will carry out the evaluation questionnaire as well. The project will increase students’ knowledge and skills, which will allow them to have bigger opportunities on the job market as well as will increase their efficiency in professional learning. The management of the cycle of the project and the fulfillment of objectives will be measured with the SMART analysis. The project will result in the increase of: - Knowledge and skills within the vocational education of students - Teamwork skills - Preparation of students to work in international teams - Students’ awareness of the importance of extramural education - Students’ awareness as far as foreign languages learning - Chances of the students to find work after the graduation (the result will be measured in a few years after the project has finished) - Self-esteem of students and teachers Long lasting benefits: 1. First intense experience of independence and independent life in a new place as well as language and cultural surroundings. Learning new, unknown subject taught in the foreign partner school. 2. Better use of English and opportunity to learn Spanish 3. New prospects for further cooperation with Spanish schools and motivating didactic experience. 4. Self- perfection, deeper openness to change and increase in tolerance and understanding of different attitudes and solutions (in the case of both students and teachers).

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