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Mobilność kadry Przedszkola Montessori
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project information The project consiststed in the Montessori Nursery staff mobility in order to complete a certified training, thereby improve their qualifications and boost skills in the area of teaching Montessori method and to enable a formal qualifications recognized internationally. Aim of the project The aim of the project was to raise the competences of Preschool staff (7 persons) in the field of Montessori method and to obtain international qualifications in this field by the project participants. Number and type of participants The participants of the of training were 7 members of the guidance practitioners to Preschool Applicant. They were chosen from teachers, teaching assistants and support staff (psychologist, speech therapist). Training needs analysis (prior to the development and adoption of Internal Vocational Training System) has indicated the lack of uniform qualifications of teaching staff according to the Montessori methodology. The analysis confirmed the need to achieve the international qualifications in this field by Preschool staff. The project were attended by those with: high motivation to raise their qualifications, ready to share their knowledge and experience when returning, having inadequate qualifications (or lack of it) and highly involved in previous work at the preschool. Description of the activities: The project was realized only one action: selected persons attended a 5-week training AMI Foundation Course 3 - 6 in Montessori Institute Prague, s.r.o ; Prague Czech Republic) during the holidays (07-08.2015). The methodology used in the project Montessori Institute Prague, s.r.o. has an authority to certify Montessori teachers in accordance with the International Standard Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). AMI Standard guarantees the highest world quality and authenticity of the Montessori educational principles. The methodology of this organization is highly appreciated in the international environment and the organization itself has the most a validated certification system in the world of Montessori methodology. For many years the training center in Prague fulfills the high standards of teaching trainers and advisors. Training under the project was implemented using active methods, engaging the participants. The project were managed in accordance with the method of Project Cycle Management (PCM). Short description of the expected results and impact of the project The result of the project is the acquisition of formal qualifications of 7 professional staff Montessori Preschool (AMI system) recognized internationally. Impact of the project were focused on the dissemination of knowledge among all Preschool staff through implemented and carried out at the Preschool Internal System for Vocational involving, among others, knowledge sharing. We expect that the acquired knowledge and skills will help to strengthen the capacity of Preschool in terms of qualifications and skills of employees and teaching methods. Participation in the international project initiated the development of a European dimension preschool, according to the European Preschool Development Plan. The potential long-term benefits With the implementation of the project Preschool has establish formal cooperation with the Montessori Institute Prague, a leading center for Montessori teacher training in our part of Europe. It started a permanent cooperation with European partner and will be the basis for future projects mobility within the Erasmus+ Programme, which (as we plan) will be tied partnership for development in areas such as: improving skills and qualifications, teaching methods, and development of the organization in a European dimension. By the project participants to obtain internationally recognized qualifications strengthened their position in the open labor market and consolidated the position of the Montessori Preschool as an employer to support the professional development of its employees.

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