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Mobilność edukacyjna kadry Wojewódzkiego Urzędu Pracy w Krakowie
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Regional Labour Office in Krakow (RLO Krakow) is responsible for determining and coordinating regional labour market policy, as well as human resources development, promoting the different areas and forms of adult education. RLO Krakow has many years of experience in performing various activities aiming at developing its international dimension. Many steps has been taken in order to establish sustainable cooperation with foreign entities, which could be a valuable source of inspiration for creating new solutions. RLO Krakow conducts activities to enrich the knowledge of the entire organization in order to improve the quality of its services. RLO’s specific actions aiming at creating favourable conditions in the region to support lifelong learning of Malopolska residents, are particularly noteworthy. This is particularly important at present times, when it is necessary to continuously develop individual skills, confirm qualifications, gain new experience or undergo retraining. Participation in the project has allowed nine RLO Krakow employees to: - gain the knowledge on tools and methods used by career counsellors / advisors in another foreign institution, whichl directly helped in developing their professional expertise, - improve professional qualifications of the participants in the area of team management, gain practical knowledge of recruitment methods/tools (eg. Assessment Centre, qualification tests), learn how to prepare development programs for new employees, organize and coordinate the process of periodic assessment of employees and their career paths, - establish contacts with consultants / HR employees / trainers / people working with job seekers in Spain, - exchange the experience and share the knowledge on the methods of work and job activation measures implemented by consultants / HR staff / trainers/ people working with the unemployed in Spain, - create opportunities for mutual learning of Polish and Spanish specialists,- develop project participants foreign language competence and broaden their intercultural awareness by working in an international environment. The project "Learning mobility personnel of Regional Labour Office in Krakow" "was implemented in cooperation with the Spanish organization Accion Laboral, which offers training throughout Spain. Participation in the project brought benefits to both mobility staff and the whole organisation, as well as to the host institution. Participation in the project allowed the employees to the teams RLO to explore new tools and working methods This will have an impact on the development o professional expertise of RLO staff, this will also help to establish new professional contacts, which can be used in future cooperation in international partnerships. Because of the international nature project participants to expand their knowledge of Spanish culture and tradition, to develop their language skills and the skills associated with working in culturally diverse team. Due to the international nature of the project, participants were able to expand their knowledge of Spanish culture and traditions, to develop their language skills and competences associated with working in a culturally diverse team. At the level of the organization, this project gave a chance to get to know the best practices (on management mechanisms, training, collaboration, communication, relationships building) proven in Spain and it will facilitate the development of the institutions in the area of HR processes planning and management, staff competence management systems, knowledge management within the organization, training policy management, performance evaluation, motivation, staff development planning and recruitment. It also will be helpful to adapt to the ground RLO Krakow Spanish solutions. Through participation in this project RLO the organization is right now and will be more flexible and open to change. As a result of the development of competencies of their employees, RLO Krakow will be able to deliver better services to all residents of Malopolska. This is extremely important, especially in regard to counselling services, which RLO Krakow provides to citizens of Malopolska, as lifelong learning and comprehensive personal development is essential to the proper functioning of adults on the educational and labour market throughout the region.
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