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Mobilna kadra sukcesem szkoły
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project "mobility is the key to the success of the school” implemented in our school aims to improve the European dimension our school by taking part in the 20 employees of our school in the mobilities. The aim of the project is to improve the qualifications of our teachers and administration staff by improving English language skills and learning the new ways of working with pupils with special educational needs and improving the quality of administration and management of the schools and educational institutions by employees of the school administration. The specific objectives of the project are : the growth of language competence and professional competence of the 20 participants (16 teachers and four administrative staff) of our school; broadening the European dimension in the field education and training. Improving the learning and teaching of foreign languages, helping to improve the quality and innovation of teaching in our school. Raising the level of key competences of the project’s participants. Improving the social and personal skills. The project participants are: 20 employees in our school, the needs diagnosed of getting language support, methodology support, and showing the active and open attitude to the new challenges and needs of our constantly developing school. Description of the activities: June 2016 – presenting the results of the project to the pedagogical staff and school administration staff and signing a contract with National Agency; calling the committee to carry out the selection of the project participants, cultural and linguistic preparation of the project participants; registration of participants for individual courses, buying the tickets, reservation of accommodation, the purchase buying the trip insurance for the participants. II 2016 trips to the methodology trainings of the participants; August 2016 attending the English language courses of the participants; September 2016 - and 2017 - to continuation of learning English during the course organized at our school; II 2017 trips of 6 teachers taking part in a language course to the methodology trainings; III-VI 2017 summary, evaluation and ending of the project, preparation and sending the final report to the National Agency. The methodology used in the project: identification the problem, choosing the target participants, identification of needs, determination of the main and intermediate objectives, determining methods of action and tasks, defining the project objectives to achieve the project results, monitoring, evaluation, completion and settlement of the project budget. The effects of the project in our school: improving the professional qualifications of 20 employees of our school (language and methodology) to improve the level of key competencies of our employees, improving the level of teaching in our school using the latest methods and techniques of working using modern IT tools, gaining experience the scope of the project mobility of educational staff. Implementation of the project will positively affect the quality of teaching, creativity and innovation of educational processes in our school, the project will also impact on students by improving the quality of teaching the different subjects. Raising linguistic competence will increase the value of the project participants in the labour market. Taking part in the mobilities of our staff will positively affect the growth of cultural competence of them, promoting best practices and potential base for further cooperation between the participants in the courses (trainings) from different countries. When the project comes to the end, the dissemination of the project results. Through the implementation of the project the long-term professional profile of teachers in our school will enforce.
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