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Mobilité européenne par la découverte du travail administratif et de la communication à Dublin
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Vocational High School Joliot Curie is approved by the department of Education in France for its secretarial department with a European objective. In 2008 we opened a Europro department. This European Education department is an asset to our students and allows them to - improve their English, - open them on the European community, - offer them to obtain a level IV diploma, with supplementary certificates (Europro, the Europass Mobility Card and a certificate of English level), - fight against the school drop out - and finally to have more opportunities when they will enter the labor world. To have their Europro diploma, the students of that department have to do a one-month compulsory work placement abroad, in a European country. Without financial help, our European department would not exist; you must know that most of our students in Joliot Curie High School in Dammarie les Lys come from a very modest background that is why most of them have never had the opportunity to study abroad. We think that nowadays helping our students to go abroad to widen their linguistical, cultural and professional skills is really more than a necessity for them. Moreover speaking English is really a necessity today to get a job. The European department is opened to all the first year students –that is the second year of their 3 year studies- The work placement will take place during the next and last year. But we present them the Europro department when they are in their first year -2 years before the end exam- Then they have to do a pre inscription before the end of the year. After that we have an individual interview with each of them for a final selection – as this section is only opened to 12 students- They are mainly selected on their motivation to follow their studies with 2 more hours lessons a week – 2 hours of DNL that is secretarial/accountancy work taught in English- during the first year with of course more work and homework to do and their ability to do a 4 week work placement abroad during their last year. During their final year for many reasons –financial ones, parents’ fright to see their children going away, abroad for 4 weeks, a really too low English level- only about the 2/3 of them will go to Dublin for their work placement. About the organization of the stay itself, the week before their work placement, our students will have a one week full immersion stay, divided in 3 parts : - In the morning they will have 4 hours of English courses - a school specialized in teaching English to foreign students. - In the beginning of the afternoon they are introduced to the companies where they will do their work placement , they will discover their company and the way it works. - In the end of the afternoon the teachers present them the city where they will do their work placement, so they ‘ll learn more about the civilization, the way of life, the political and economical life of the country where they will spend 4 more weeks. First of all, discovering the city will help them to have a more serene approach of their work placement; indeed most of our students have never been out of our department the “Seine et Marne “in France. So this first immersion week in their host city will allow them to get familiarized with this environment which will become theirs for one month. Then our students have a 4 weekss work placement in a company in Dublin which will allows them to develop new professional skills abroad. Moreover they will be able to develop the professional skills they learnt at school in France in a different world of work and develop new specific professional skills. Thanks to that experience our students will improve their skills and realize that they have real capacities –When they first entered this B Tech, most of them were going from one failure to the next – moreover they will obtain more diplomas –EUROPRO or EUROPASS (the European mobility pass) for example- All that will help them to think more serenely about their future, their studies or their future job in the European Union.
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