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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our European project has two main objectives: to boost our students and enable them to get better jobs through an enhanced qualificationOur students are preparing a BTEC level 3 in 3 years to work in sales management. They mainly need to be encouraged and boosted when they arrive in our school. In fact, most of them have often had difficulties in their middle schools, and unfortunately few of them have chosen their vocational training. Integrating the European Section allows them to get more self-confident which helps them to start studying again. The mobility is an aim which attracts most of them so they soon intensify their efforts. In the future this will give them larger opportunities and the possibility to get better jobs thanks to a higher level of education in fields which are less accessible without the experience of a mobility abroad (ie : international trade, foreign languages). But they also acquire skills which help them get farther in their own field. At last, our project aims at developing the country economy, providing students adapted to the need of the work market at a local, regional and national scale in the field of international trade and business. Therefore, we would like to organize this project over one year for 10 students preparing a BTEC level 3 in Sales Management. Their stay in London will last 29 days; they will be placed in Greater London. They will complete 4-week work placements; they will have two days of travel and 2 days of adaptation to their new environment: one day will be spent doing a cultural discovery of London, and the other sharing activities with students and teachers from our London partner school “NewVIc”, where our students will discover their British commerce counterparts; they will discover the school and the British educational system. Sports activities will be planned to help them communicate. They will also visit the Chelsea stadium on the topic of “The Business of Football”. During their trip, our students will be hosted in families and will do their internship in charities, marketing/events agencies, or specialized stores so that they can communicate in a professional way with different types of people (customers, employees, young or less young volunteers, handicapped people…)To complete this project, we will need to involve an intermediary organisation, which will help us to find host families, work placements and assist us with the mobility monitoring. Two teachers from the European section will accompany the students to London and will stay with them for four days, which is necessary for the students’ adaptation to their new environment and to ensure they start their training in good conditions. The two teachers will be back at the end of the students’ stay to assess them on their work placements and for their travel back to France. During the students’ stay in London, they will constantly keep in touch with the students and the service provider. Having a 4 year partnership with this intermediary organisation, we will go on working with them as long as we are satisfied with the services provided. This partner is of main interest for us as it is located in Central London. Furthermore, London obviously provides fabulous cultural facilities and human opportunities for our students and it also enables us to maintain exchanges with “NewVIc “.Before leaving for London, our students will attend an additional specific two-hour-a-week course in English and another two-hour course in Sales Management in English. These courses will be given for 2 years before going to London. During the last year - the year of the BTEC exam - we will organize a Europass and London pictures challenge ceremony. During the exam year, the additional courses will be used to consolidate the knowledge and skills developped by our students during their mobility. We will also intensively prepare them to take their specific European exam. To manage the Project, we refer to our seven years experience in European Mobility, and try to bring constantly improvements. The European Agency, the CIEP (International Center of Teaching Methods) and the CRE (European Resources Center for Professional Mobilities) can advise us. We are helping us with Life Project management tools boards , planning (re: annexes) and organising steering committees. Finally, this gives our students the opportunity to complete attractive studies, get more fulfilling jobs in France or abroad. And one of the most significant impacts is that these students are fewer to drop out of school before taking their exams, as compared to the other students. They get better exam results and have access to a higher education level (i.e.: annex of our section). The maturity they have developed during this experience will have a positive and determinant impact on their future lives and they will be the best qualified spokespersons to testify in favor of the current European and International opportunities

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