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Mobilität zum Erwerb von beruflichem Wissen für Personen mit Lernschwierigkeiten / Ausbilder beschäftigen sich mit Möglichkeiten zur Motivation und E-lerning
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In Baden Württemberg, there are generally good employment opportunities for young people. Difficulties however have people with physical, mental and linguistic limitations. On the other hand, training providers and enterprises have increasing problems to find suitable candidates. They have to react with training for persons with wont to have a change in der profession and the preparation of persons with have a limits in their employability. Another group are refugees who need to be prepared to have success on the labor market. It is necessary that the education and training actively works on concepts to educate trainees with craft skills and knowledge about services. They have to by practical and adapted to de needs of the enterprises to make persons with limitations skilled to be useful workers. Companies should be supplied with suitable labor, and they have to be open for this. The low birth rate in the past few decades, there is few young people to replace workers leaving the labor market. However, the demands on the workers are often so high that people with limitations have problems to provide it. This often means that trainees and young professionals are demotivated very fast. The exchange program aims to motivate trainees in the courses for rehabilitation, Person in the preparation for the vocational training and unaccompanied refugees through a mobility. The stay abroad and the work in the partner organization shows them useful options. The majority of our participants have strong limitations. We involved autistic persons. There are mostly people under 18 years old. Because this we need to gif support by a carer how supports the stay. The participants gen at the stays knowledge in the field of housekeeping & construction, agriculture and services. For our trainers it is a good opportunity to study the training and with concepts of the partner institutions. It is especially how to get persons with limits employs. The program also searches for solutions et the partners how you can make the job in the services attractive and how you can integrate people with limits in enterprises and get them a durable job. It is important to investigate, how to motivate low-skilled workers and employ them in the service sector. For this training must be developed and implemented.Many problems in the regions, in which the participants travel, are similar then in Germany. Therefore, the mobility mainly serves to survey the provided training of the partner regions to adapt and use this knowledge for the training in Germany.During the stays trainees and persons in the job preparation should deal with the practical crafts, with the processing of food, household services, horticulture, forestry and agriculture. One task is to study the use of renewables and the use of raw materials witch are available in the partner region. For the trainers it is important to learn about the training opportunities offered in the partner countries and to see how you can motivate the trainees. The training deals with concepts that adapt our society to the demographic changes. These is about how to bring the requirements of the companies and opportunities the available workers in balance. The high quality standards that the enterprises in Germany demand, many trainees and workers can hardly meet. The partners have interesting solutions and different approaches that make a visit for trainers valuable. The interesting solutions can be used a lot in Germany. The aim of the project is to check the training modules in the partner countries how they can be used for training in Germany. The participating trainers and trainees should be provided with confidence, to use the knowledge they gained from the partners to tell about it to others. We working in the project together with education networks from the district Tuttlingen and Rottweil. The training modules shown by the partners in Cyprus, Iceland, Slovakia and Romanian are the result of the TOI project Green Village. Another result of the project is the development of contacts with domestic and foreign partners. This results in a strengthening of cooperation and the dissemination of the developed training programs. The networking is developed. For our trainees it will be mostly the first stay where they have work contact with people in another European country. Here, it is especially important that they learn that you can achieve something with other concepts, tools and methods.
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