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Mobilität in Europa, Europraktika in der beruflichen Erstausbildung
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The BBS 1 Uelzen have many years of experience with various student exchange activities, e.g. with a college in Dallas/Texas and with a Polish and Estonian grammar school. Two years ago apprentices in bakery of the BBS 1 Uelzen did a two-week work placement in Salzburg/Austria. For several years, Estonian and French trainees have completed a three-week work placement in firms in Uelzen. These exchange activities have made it obvious that the BBS 1 Uelzen in cooperation with local companies must support actively mobility for educational purposes and the European cooperation in vocational education. Together with our European partners the BBS 1 Uelzen want to improve the performance, quality, attractiveness and sustainability in training by cooperating closely with our partner schools. Work placements abroad allow students to learn new job skills. The unfamiliar environment in the new firm is a challenge for the students. In addition students must be willing to communicate in a new language and accept the culture and lifestyle of the people of the host country. Prejudices and stereotypes must be reduced. Additionally students are expected to experience the EU as a guarantor of peace, freedom, democracy, justice and social cohesion. The reason for exchanging teachers is gaining knowledge about contents of company training and school curricula in the European partner country and getting open-minded regarding the European Union. Furthermore the exchange of teachers will help to achieve transparency regarding educational contents so that differences between and common ground in educational contents can easily be worked out. Each year we want to send five students for three week work placements to Estonia (joiners), France (car mechanics) and Austria (bakers). Students must apply for the work placements with the Euro CV. In interviews, the candidates will be chosen by the organizers and their class teachers. The interview together with the professional and social skills will be used as the basis for the decision who is to be sent to the foreign partner country. Four teachers of the respective departments can apply for a one week stay in our European partner countries to the headmaster and organizers. The goal of such a stay abroad is to learn about contents of company training and school curricula, their compatibility with our school system as well as performance measurement and evaluation in the different professions. For Estonia and France language teachung is provided at school in the first week. In the second and third week the students have to work in the firms selected by the partner school. As in Austria there is no need for language training the students start with the work placement in the first week. At weekends and evenings cultural programs are offered. In preparation for staying abroad the BBS 1 Uelzen offer a weekend-seminar used for explaining the characteristics of the host country and informing about organisational details, such as insurance, hints for arrival and departure, adequate behaviour in each host country. Students are reminded that they have to document their work experiences and to present their experiences to an audience, e. g. on the European Day at school. The learning objectives and the contents of the work placement are written down in compliance with our European partners in a learning contract which is the basis for the learning and work experiences that are documented in the Europass Mobilitiy. Evaluation of the work placements is done on the basis of practifolios, filled out by the students at the start and end of the work placements. Moreover there will be feedback talks with our European partners. With the implementation of these work placements, we aim to reduce the unwillingness for living and working abroad. We want to achieve that the students are open to lifelong learning and job mobility in Europe. Students having completed such a work placement improve their career prospects on the European Union labour market. Due to the positive public effect of handing out the Europass Mobility, we hope to reach a better acceptance of Erasmus+ by our students and regional companies. The BBS 1 Uelzen want to achieve the stabilization of foreign work placements of their students in their European partner countries. Together with the regional firms the BBS 1 want to support lifelong learning and job mobility.
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