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Mobilita učiteľov cudzích jazykov na odbornej škole
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Secondary school of electrical engineering is a professional school of the technical focus, specializing in the fields of electrical engineering-power current, weak current, automatization and mechanic to computer networks. The school has currently 548 students and 52 fully qualified pedagogical employees.Mobility of teaching staff includes language-project-methodological seminars in the countries of the target language. Project participants were selected on the basis of both qualifications and their social competencies, based on their so far non- participation in the courses of a similar nature abroad and on the basis of expertise in line with the content of the course and also the professional mobility within the concept of the development of the school and the school curriculum. Mobility of teaching staff in the field of education in the project has involved two employees. The selection of participants reflects their needs for further training so as to be in accordance with the concept of the development of the school.The project consists of the preparatory phase, in which the participants of the project together with the leadership of the school shall determine the task and the expected objectives in accordance with the development needs of the school and the personal professional development needs. The objectives of the programme are based on the seminar. It is about the development of professional competences (linguistic and methodological competence, intercultural competence and vocational computer competence). The task are subject to the target and are aimed at comparing familiar and conventional methods and widely used in this region in teaching of foreign languages-modern trends and practices, e.g. integrated and experience learning, project learning, creation and use of their own teaching materials, autonomous learning, setting the criteria and the assessment of learners and teachers, self-evaluation of teachers, teaching vocational subjects in a foreign language, etc.)Expectations and the impact of mobility on development and activities conducted by school with a focus on:1. Pedagogical principles – participation in the seminar will promote the development of the quality of teaching activities and the language skills of employees, under the influence of the knowledge about the latest practices and trends in education. According to these gained skills , the School development plan will be updated as well as the tasks to school leaving exams, which will reflect the assignment needs of our pupils. 2. Long-term benefits of the project participants will be facilitators of the information obtained and skills acquired in the field of didactics and methodology of teaching foreign languages for other teaching staff of the school and shall coordinate the implementation of the skills acquired in the course of procedures more than one code-new year. Their experience will be presented on the Web portal of the school-on an internal blog, where they will lead the professionals to communicate with colleagues. Also will be part of a working group of the transferring mutual hospitácie in order to demonstrate a modern methodology in practice. They will participate in workshops outside school and in the field of language learning. In accordance with the concept of the development of the school will form the basis for the creation of partnerships with institutions active in the field.The Mobility projects of foreign language teachers at vocational school aims to improve the language proficiency of foreign language teachers to become familiar with new methods of teaching foreign languages and then to implement them into the learning process. The project aims to increase the motivation and interest of students in foreign languages, in addition to technical knowledge and a good language knowledge as well . The activities are aimed at deepening the linguistic competencies of participants and their dissemination to follow. The long term benefit we can see in getting new contacts, cooperation with other vocational schools of a similar focus-partner organisations abroad, develop the mobility of our trade masters as well as students and inspire them to active participation.
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