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MOBILITA' = RISORSA per ....apprendiMENTI... aggiornaMENTI.....rinnovaMENTI!
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our mobility plan comes from a school context much involved into the development of the international dimension of teaching/learning issues. Crosscurricular skills'development is a priority in our syllabus, as well. Our mobility plan is conceived as a chance for comparing and sharing experiences and realities. It is, therefore, generally aimed to carry out intercultural dialogue experiences and personal and professional exchanges, too. Specific goals expected to be reached are: getting new achievements,strenghtening professional skills into the selected areas, concerning foreign languages, digital competences, relationships and communication skills for promoting wellbeing in school and in the several life contexts, as well. Our mobility plan includes only training activities. Participants: a)the Headmistress, much experienced in transnational cooperation. She has personal skills in foreign languages and psychology, too, a longlasting career in our school, constantly expressing an active and assertive role within the school community; b)a group of teachers, from both primary and middle school, very much involved in school management with good skills in the subjects they teach (English, ITC, crosscurricular projects). They all use to promote a wide range of activities through inclusive methodologies. All these professional resources will contribute to support the meaning of our school syllabus: developing concrete, updated evaluable learnings, able to be applied in more life contexts. What we expect is a positive impact, due to both the applying group's motivation and a careful preparation of the whole mobility process. All the steps will be properly supported by the projects'team. Mobility in plan will give a meaningful contribution to our school community. It is an opportunity for: a) a further development of the international dimension in our school syllabus, b)introducing new methodologies in teaching/learning issues and relationships' leading, as well; c)supporting and increasing teaching and students' motivations. These are what we expect as long-term benefits. The project's management is organized through specific roles and tasks, within the project's team. They involve both teachers and administrative staff. Activities in plan in this mobility project will be introduced to our school community step by step (planning, acting, follow up), through public documentation. Dissemination will be acted out through our website, social networks, local press, meetings, report to our schools' teamgroup (Teachers' staff, Schoolboard, Parents' association), meetings with our pupils and students.
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