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Mobile virtuelle Lernräume zur individuellen Unterstützung von jungen Menschen mit schweren Erkrankungen
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Children and young people suffering from serious illnesses, chronic diseases and mental-health problems often have to interrupt the "normal" school career and conventional studies. Seriously ill people are disadvantaged in the educational sector and require specific assistance to be able to enforce their right to equality of opportunity and education to be able to gain access to education, to obtain an educational qualification and to acquire important skills for the labour market .In Austria and Germany they are supported by the "Heilstättenschulen" (AT) and "Schulen für Kranke" (DE), in the regions of Detmold (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Linz (DE) furthermore by means of specific pedagogical concepts and New Technologies (ICT). We have installed JuLe ("Young Interrupted Learners") in the region of Detmold and introduced the MokoDesks ("Mobile Cooperative Desks") as a mobile supporting programme in the virtual space. By our blended-learning-concept we individually assist the ill students, using ICT via the MokoDesks and supporting them by seconded teachers of the different school forms and subjects. The topics are adapted to the specific requirements of online learning and meet the individual needs of the young patients. The MokoDesks have a great variety of functions, e.g. allowing group and individual mentoring or the online assignment of tasks.In Austria children with severe deseases in hospital participating in the IICC projects (Ill and Isolated Children Connected) are equipped with computers and tablets. Via video conferencing they can attend classes of their respective regular school and keep in touch with their friends. Other activities try to motivate the youngsters to re-discover their enthusiasm for learning, e. g. there are workshops with artists in the "Kunstraum Krankenhaus" ("Art Space Hospital") or multimedia learning methods and topics such as photography or Lego Robotics, a development environment for autonomous and interactive systems. It is clear that the partner organisations in Austria and Germany complement each other in an ideal way. Our MoviLe project aims to exchange their competences and experiences concerning target-group-specific didactics and ICT (target group approx. 12-19 years). Alongside, we would like to expand the co-operation between the different stakeholders, that is to say between educational institutions, (regular) schools, parents, doctors, nurses and students.
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