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Mobile schooling

Young people, wherever they live, face similar problems such as environmental disruption and pollution, climate change, the crisis of the moral values, globalization and its effects, land immigrations, economic crisis and unpredictable future. We believe that education has a crucial role in allowing them to sharpen their senses and skills through a critical and personal outlook so that they will be able to meet their life challenges and opportunities.The scope of the Comenius program is to bring together young pupils, school staff and teachers alike to share their cultures, experiences, problems, emotions. This project focuses its study and activities on young people’ s cultural backgrounds and aims at exploring their educational and vocational opportunities, their life choices, having a cross- cultural European perspective and building up a useful, practical means, the website, which will be of some help in their future initial career. That is why the project is named “mobile-schooling”, in view of a wider, intercultural, life-long exchange.During the program the members involved – families, school staff, teachers and principals- will have opportunities to come into contact with five European countries (Greece, Spain, Poland, Italy, Romania): different educational systems, cultures and languages, economic markets, all having a single aim – to understand each other, to share similarities and differences, to stimulate creativity, motivation, to learn to appreciate who we are in a new broad-minded Europeans.
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