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Mobil beléptető kapu tervezése forgóajtóval
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Currently 10 students participate in the project. They learn CAD-CAM Information Technology in grade 10-11 at Jedlik Ányos Secondary School of Engineering and IT situated in Győr. The students complete their apprenticeship at the plant of SICK AG in Waldkirch, Germany from 4 March to 24 march 2016. One teacher accompanies them, since they are under-age students. There is a shortage in the field of CAD-CAM IT profession in the Western- Transdanubian region; therefore we must put special emphasis on the training of this specific job, furthermore to make it more attractive for the students wishing to enter higher education. Students start to get some insight and become familiar with the 3D engineering computer aided design programs during two lessons a week at grade 11. Design with AutoCAD and INVENTOR programs are taught at our school. The actual aim of the project is to make students become familiar with a 3D engineering software, they do not have access to at our school, but which is used by plants located near their place of residence (One Space Designer Version 18.1). Within the framework of the project after getting to know the program the students are going to design a a mobile access control gate with revolving door and sensors and present it in a lifelike environment at the training institute of SICK AG in Germany. There are three distinctive stages of the implementation process: at the preparation stage the participants are selected on the basis of their academic achievement and social background, then they take part in a language and professional training for the project. In the work stage the students get to know the new 3D software, afterwards they design a mobile access control gate with revolving door and sensors In the final stage of the project, at the assessment stage the students’ performance and work is assessed by the colleagues of the German firm in an official format, then their assessment is converted into a half-term mark by their Hungarian professional teachers. The students become familiar with the new 3D software, furthermore they get used to project work realising its advantages in real-life circumstances, since at the vocational training centre everything operates similarly to the manufacturing departments of the plant. They acquire fundamental rules of team work. Their language skills are improving with special respect to the specialised professional language which can be developed mainly in a real-life situation. As a short term benefit of the project the participating students experience the significance of their profession and how much this profession is needed since all engineering and electric engineering companies require these professionally trained employees just like SICK AG. The motivation of their classmates and students from lower grades is increasing, because they can see that having good academic results enable them to go abroad as an apprentice. Our school is able to send professionally trained employees to the industry who are familiar with and able to use the most up-to-date 3D engineering computer aided design programs, as well as have extremely high level language skills in the given field. The long-term effect of our project is that the school may become even more attractive for those wishing to learn in the entire West-Transdanubian Region, consequently we will be able to admit more talented students resulting in our professional training becoming more successful, which is of great importance both for the local industry and the national economy, because this is the only way we can keep up industrial production in our country. Although it is not part of the project, but the 10 German students who will provide accommodation for the Hungarian students and work together on the design of the stand in Germany will come to Hungary in May and will spend 3 weeks at our school. They will work on traditional and CNC cutting machines. The German students staying at Hungarian families provide further opportunities for our students to improve their language skills.
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