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Mobiilne Teko
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project „Mobile Teko“ sends students and teachers up to 8 weeks of practice and fellowship to partners as follows: all together 64 students to vocational practice to 9 partners into 7 countries and 20 teachers to fellowship to 8 partners into 7 countries. Practice and fellowship destinations are Italy, Austria, Great Britain, Finland, Germany, France and Netherlands. Students from Hospitality and Catering Department (cooks, hotel service attendants, cleaning service attendants), Food production (bakers and confectioner) and students from Retail and Wholesale Department (shop assistants, sales arrangement attendants) will participate in this project. Tallinn School of Service (Teko) newly introduced development plan for 2015-2020 present main conditions for further development areas as international cooperation, active PR and image shaping, professional and motivated personnel and vocational education, which corresponds with needs of labor market. One of the main aims in the development plan is to internationalize vocational education and lifelong learning as well as develop international mobility of students and school staff (including teachers). Comparing with previous development plan, current plan states as a target that proportion of students engaged in international practice programs will arise to 4% of total number of students. The proportion of the last two years has been avarage 1,8%. Current project „Mobile Teko“ aims to increase of this proportion up to 5% during one academic year. Target proportions in development plan regarding staff mobility were previously limited with teachers only, while new development plan includes target for all school personnel as 10% of total. Same target is aimed as well as in current project. Project „Mobile Teko“ includes also important ECVET elements. All project partners have signed the confirmation letter, which states that before planned mobility, partners sign memorandum of trust (MoU). With Friesland College this document is already signed. All project partners have agreed in their confirmation letter to adhere to set quality requirements. Study and practice agreement (LA) will be also signed with each student. Signed agreement states common study results and evaluation criteria. Picking students for mobility project planned activity „Student mobility for traineeships“ is organized as follows: selection will be made based on students applications collected during project planning period; if it becomes necessary, additional vacancy will be announced. Final decision will be made based on student’s scholastic proficiency, language skills, studied profession and general social competencies. Then students were asked to prepare motivation letter in English addressed to specific vocational head teacher. Motivation letters will be read by head teacher and project manager as well as teachers responsible for applicants. Next step is face to face interview, which carried out partially in English. Final decision is made by head teacher and the teacher responsible for applicant. Mission to international practice will be finally confirmed with decree issued by headmistress. Target group for the activity called “Staff mobility for training” are vocational teachers from all departments, lifelong adult education department, school board (management), school support service department as well as school practice supervisors. Involvement of school support service department staff and expert of teaching methods is very important task in this project as it allows increase cooperation efficiency with vocational teachers, increase quality of studies and helps to decrease the proportion of the students who decide to quit their studies. To participate in the mobility project the similar procedure applied for school staff. They were asked to send application to participate in mobility project during the project planning period. According to those applications project manager made preliminary agreements for staff mobility with project partners. Based on previous projects we can say that social competencies acquired during international practice period increase significantly self-esteem and belief into one’s vocational and personal paces among students and school staff. International practice increases also number of personal contacts, courage, forces to overcome oneself limitations and to grow both personally and professionally. Mobility project gives great chance for students in cultural context to introduce their own country, culture and language while being in foreign country both in general and work culture wise. It gives a possibility also to partner schools’ and enterprises’ staff to update their knowledge with Estonian language and cultural aspects. Planned duration of the project is one academic year. Students’ mobility lasts up to 2 months and staff mobility lasts up to 2 weeks. Mobility’s will take place during September 2015 – May 2016.
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