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Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

Enhancing attractiveness, improving the quality and increasing the volume of mobility and cooperation between educational institutions and enterprise are all objectives of Leonardo da Vinci programme related to mobility.In the past many projects tried to pursue the above objectives separately with more or less success. The volume of mobility is unfortunately still almost totally dependent on the available budget to support Leonardo mobility projects. The quality of mobility is well controlled by European Commission through Rap4Leo but feedback never comes to the potential future beneficiaries. The cooperation between educational institutions and enterprises is rising but it is still not on the desired level and extent.On our opinion the LdV programme goals can be effectively achieved only at the same time and only by highly involving past mobility participants. European Commission reports that nearly 90 % of mobility beneficiaries expressed themselves as highly satisfied with the stay abroad in their final reports. But the crowd of almost 800.000 mobility beneficiaries over the last 15 years never had available an appropriate tool to effectively contribute to dissemination of mobility results. Besides, there is no relevant information on real impact that international mobility has on employability and European labour market.Thanks to WEB 2.0 technology, today it is possible to build a strong social network of mobility participants and use their voice for word-of-mouth promotion of mobility results. Their voice would definitely directly enhance attractiveness of mobility. The quality of mobility would be improved indirectly just because potential beneficiaries would not repeat others mistakes. Volume of mobility would be increased indirectly because a significant impact on employers is envisaged.The result of this project is a social network platform that enables all mobility stakeholders to share and exchange their experiences, needs, expectations and demand.
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