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The general goal of the project was to establish cross-border cooperation in the field of agriculture, to enable the exchange of expert know-how and experiences, and to improve the quality of milk through life-long education of farmers. The cross-border cooperation was implemented through cooperation with the Agricultural and Forestry Institute Ptuj and farmers from Slovenia which ultimately results in an exchange of expert know-how, experience and examples of good practices regarding hygiene in milk production as implemented in the EU. The target group consisted of 120 farmers stock breeders from the County of Koprivnica-Krizevci, involved in the project implementation through educational workshops and field trips. Project activities: 12 educational workshops for farmers; individual consultations with farmers; three field trips to milk farms (in Croatia and abroad) with the aim of familiarizing farmers with good hygiene practices in milk production; compiling a Guide to Good Hygiene Practice and an Instruction Manual for Farmers. Achievements: The end result of the project were results of microbiological analyses and of the analyses of somatic cells, based on 7920 analyses of somatic cells and 1200 microbiological analyses performed on a total of 120 milk farms participating in the implementation of the project. A Guide to Good Hygiene Practice and an Instruction Manual for Farmers were compiled for the purpose of instructing farmers on how to adhere to the models of good hygiene practice in the production of milk as well as improving the quality of milk. Farmers from the County of Koprivnica-Kricevci were familiarized with good hygiene practice models in milk production and improving the quality of milk, and in regulations applied in Slovenia and the EU.
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  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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