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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth Council of Velenje (short: MSV) is local association of 13 local youth organizations. From the start (2003) we are looking for establishing an environment that youth in the Municipality of Velenje enable the develop of autonomous, accountable and socially engaged individuals. In this context, the active participation of young people in important decisions and activities on local level is necessary if we want to build more democratic society. In 2010 we were together with Youth Centre Velenje and youth prepared 1. Local development youth program for 2010 - 2015 (short: local youth strategy). The document was accepted by Municipality Council at 25th May 2010. Municipality Velenje was the 1st Slovenian municipality which acceptetd Local development youth program, which was prepared by youth. MSV prepared a project of the structured dialogue "Mladi za Veleje - Youth for Veleje". Structured dialogue will run between youth, youth organizations, organizations which work with youth and local decision-makers . The main goal is prepare "2nd Local development program for youth on period between 2016 - 2020". MSV is aware of the importance of a structured dialogue - an instrument with which young people through participation in civil society and through participation in the system of representative democracy have the opportunity to directly participate in dialogue with those who are responsible for the local youth policy. All this of course encourages active citizenship and fosters mutual understanding between young people from different backgrounds in multicultural Velenje (ethical, religious, health, socio-economic background). GOALS OF THE PROJECT: > implementation of 6 meetings and consultations with youth; > include at least 20 youth with less opportunity and with special needs in the process of structure dialogue; > meetings with local decision-makers on four levels:     a) 1x meeting with the mayor;     b) 1x meeting with the mayor, heads of municipality offices and the director of the municipality administration;     c) at least 2x meetings with Municipality Commission for youth issues;     d) 1x meeting with Municipality Council; > analysis of the effects of the first local youth strategy in Municipality Velenje (2010 - 2015); > research "Social profile of youth in Municipality Velenje in 2015" - surveys and interviews; > elaboration and acception the document "2nd Local development youth program in Municipality Velenje (2016 - 2020)"; > implementation of all its follow-on and follow-up project activities (celebration of the EU Youth Week and the International Youth Day); > edition of 200 books (publications) "Youth for Veleje"; > provide media support for the project - on radio, TV, newspapers and websites. EXPECTED IMPACT FOR YOUTH AND LOCAL YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS: 1. Youth and local youth organizations follow up objectives of 2nd Local development youth program by doing projects and activities for themselfs. 2. Participants are aware of the importance of youth involvement in the preparation of all relevant documents and projects at the local level while participation in both conventional and unconventional forms of political participation. 3. Participants know and are familiar with local youth organizations, infrastructure and youth work. They are aware of the importance of youth work and non-formal education to acquire the competences of everyday life. EXPECTED IMPACT FOR LOCAL DECISION-MAKERS: 1. Acception the document "2nd Local development youth program in Municipality Velenje (2016 - 2020)" knows as 2nd local youth strategy. The document would be accept by Municipality Council. 2. Increase the municipal budget for the public tender for projects which follow up the objectives of new local youth strategy. 3. Preservation the meetings of representatives of local youth organizations with local decision-makers.

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