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Mladí umelci bez hraníc
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project was created in response to the multicultural development of the society in the European Union, to the related need to create conditions for learning about different cultures, and the need to preserve cultural heritage of each country. Also, it reflects the growing needs of professional artistic activities, the current trends aimed at the modernization and internationalization of education, and the mobility of students of European schools.The aim of the project is participants´ cultural and professional enrichment of elements of Spanish culture, and the exposure of Slovak culture in the countries visited. Partial objectives:1. To learn about the cultural particularities in the arts of Spain.2. To become familiar with the education and working conditions in the field of art in Spain. 3. To increase the qualification of the students: to improve their artistic skills and abilities through the international experience.4. To improve the social and linguistic competences of all participants.5. To learn the practical training practice, curriculum, teaching methods, and educational needs of the above mentioned countries.6. To establish professional artistic relationships at the international level.7. To give the project partners the opportunity to know the specifics of Slovak art.8. To allow participating partner-countries to familiarize themselves with the system of education in Slovakia. The idea we are trying to address is the issue of internationalization and the enlargement of opportunities to get to know the culture, education and working conditions in the art field in European countries in real experience. We expect the development of both professional and pedagogical skills, the language skills of participants, and a deeper understanding and respect of intercultural differences within the European Union. During their stay, the participants will acquire new knowledge in the field of arts and culture in other countries, develop their artistic skills, gain new experience, and establish contacts as the beginning of cooperation between schools within the European Union. Given the above, we expect a significantly positive influence on both professional and personal lives of our students and teachers. At the same time, the opportunities for active presentation of pupils will expand, their interest in the study will increase, and young people's interest in art will grow. Following performances and concerts of participants will present the cultural heritage of Spanish culture. Participating students will be pupils from the Conservatory of J. L. Bella: 16 students from the dance department. They will be the students who meet the criteria of professional preparedness and who demonstrate outstanding scholastic achievement. The selection criteria will also include personality capabilities to manage workload, and positive personality features. Students will broaden their professional experience in Spain in educational institution Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Sevilla Antonio Ruiz. In addition to the teaching and educational activities, the stay will include working activities in specific ensembles. Project participants will undergo training in Spanish art institutions. They will learn local dance techniques, techniques of instrumental playing and singing, and the organization of the (art) education in these countries. They will attend the educational trips aimed at getting to know specifics of culture of Spain. Teachers will have the opportunity to become familiar with the teaching methods in Spanish schools and with the methods used in the professional arts organizations and foreign ensembles. The acquired knowledge can be used to improve their teaching praxis, and to prepare our graduates in accordance to the requirements of the European market. Our partners will gain the knowledge about the organization of the Slovak education, of its methods and goals. They will get in touch with the Slovak culture and art (folk songs, dances and compositions of Slovak composers). This will contribute to the dissemination of Slovak culture and its valuation in the European Union. The participation in the project will increase the number of international partnerships, and it will enable the exchange of information and experience between the participating subjects. At national and regional level, it will help the qualitative and professional growth, and competence development of all participants, increase capabilities of the teachers. Through the presentation of project results (Internet videos, press articles, and concert performances), cultural awareness of Slovak audience will grow, and the knowledge of Slovak culture within the EU will increase.
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