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The project is devoted to the implementation of a training plan for SMEs employees such as to allow them to share and apply knowledge and know how in team activities, together with other team member. Collaborative knowledge demands, as a pre-requisite, appropriate skills and abilities: the training programme, e.learning based, has that purpose. As a preliminary activity, a research is envisaged on the basic training needs of the workers and low level managers of the concerned SMEs. The subsequent step consists in the implementation of the draft training programme to collaborative knowledge. A pilot e.learning course will test the effectiveness of the projected training, involving a number of employees of the target sector. The final outcome, i.e. the complete e.learning system, will have as beneficiaries not only the target group of employees but also SMEs owners and high level managers. Since collaborative knowledge abilities are necessary for dealing with the continuous improvement that the current economic competition demands -- OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES: Improving the innovation in SMEs through employees oriented to the continuous improvement of their performances is the objective of the current project. In order to achieve such a goal two different researches are planned on the training needs of employees in the metallurgical SMEs,as well as the implementation of a not yet existing training programme to cooperative knowledge, based on e.learning methodologies and contents, and a consistent activity of dissemination -- RESULTS AND PRODUCTS: Two reports containing the results of the afore-mentioned researches, the training programme, the setting up of a community of practice via the project’s website, printed and virtual materials for the dissemination activity -- POTENTIAL FUTURE: The project outcomes could be transfered to other sectors of manufacturing industries

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