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Mit Methodenvielfalt zu besseren Lernerfolgen
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project "With a wide variety of methods you have better learning results" tries to enlarge the means of methodology we do use already. Some years ago our school dedicated itself to further improve the learning of each individual student. That means we all try to pick up the students even better from where they are when they enter our school and guide them to their final exams. Therefore we constantly try to improve our methodology. But in order to achieve that we sometimes need some input from the outside. This is why we try to get to know new methods that other countries might use successfully. So five colleagues from the English department would like to participate in diverse English seminars in the UK on the topics "how to use multimedia in English lessons", "creative learning" and "innovative methods in the English classroom"etc. Of course, the colleagues also want to broaden their knowledge of the English language. In addition to that we try to adapt to changing needs of our students as well as in their further working life by offering more and more subjects bilingually. This is why we would like to send two colleagues on seminars to get to know methodology and language competence when teaching certain subjects in English. Our aim is not just to translate for example Chemistry lessons into English but truly have a CLIL-lesson. One of the two teachers did not study English in the first place, so it is even more important to get to know CLIL-methodology and language for him. The second teacher just needs to get additional, new methods in order to improve her methods and adapt them to the new subjects. The third part of our project means that two colleagues who do not belong to the English department would like to profit from experiences other countries have made on diverse methods. Both colleagues - teachers of mathematics and business - want to learn on a Job-Shadowing, what makes Finnish students be so good at the PISA studies. Whereas one would like to focus on multimedia in the classroom, the other will have a look into diverse new methods and ideas on how to teach students in their subjects and in general. One history colleague would like to do a job-shadowing in Slovenia to get an idea on how those former Jugoslavian countries teach recent history. He would also like to profit from their multimedia know-how. It is common in our school that teachers visit others to watch them teach, give hints on how to improve or get to know new methods and ideas. Through such visits many teachers who did not go abroad will learn the new methods and ideas and can try them out themselves. In addition to that we will offer meetings in which we will spread the new methods and ideas. The improved language competence will of course lead to the fact, that those teachers are good role models for students to learn their English properly. In the long run we try to get even more satisfied, better students who are better qualified for work, motivated and well-trained staff and satisfied parents.
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