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"Mission Possible: Chinese for Europeans"
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

"Mission Possible: Chinese for Europeans" will address the objectives of the LLP to promote the benefits of language learning by raising awareness of and bringing the entirely distant Chinese language closer to Europeans. The project target group covers people whose everyday activities include direct or indirect relations with China. This target group will be reached through a network of business companies, cultural organisations and educational institutions created as a result of the project dissemination activities. The fact that today China is a strategic partner of the EU lays the foundation for solid cooperation with high number of organisations interested in facilitating their business and intercultural communication with China.For achieving its objectives the partners will develop a methodology for providing language information in Chinese related to the needs of the target group in an easily accessible way. They will take as a basis the existing "pinyin" system for pronunciation of Chinese characters, analyse the specifics of the Chinese language and adapt them to the languages of the 5 partner countries (BG, LT, IT, PT, NL). The methodologists will choose a lexical content of about 200 hieroglyphs and unite them in specially developed "associative hieroglyph chains". The words in the chains will be connected by semantic patters enabling the beneficiaries to perceive language information in Chinese. The associative hieroglyph chains will be included in multimedia conversational sets available in Chinese-Bulgarian, Chinese-Lithuanian, Chinese-Italian, Chinese-Portuguese and Chinese-Dutch. At a later stage, the potential beneficiaries will be involved in practical workshops and go through blitz-courses in Chinese based on the developed methodology. They will be able to share their experience with the project products at contact seminars organised at the end of the project in each partner country and aimed at attracting new potential project beneficiaries.
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