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Mission 2011 - Minorities in Action
Start date: Aug 1, 2011,

There is no official definition of the concept of “national minority” as each country is left a room to access which groups are considered to be “national minorities” living on its territory. National minorities are a matter of concern of various international organizations and within the Council of Europe, Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities is one of the most comprehensive treaties designed to protect the rights of persons belonging to national minorities. But still what they aim for it is still far away from full achievement.This project aims at the empowerment of members of various NGOs from Programme and partner countries in knowledge over the existing legal frameworks of minority protection, but also in specific skills of education about human rights in general and minority rights in particular, which can be used by them in their local settings to support the minority groups they work with on the daily basis. The training course will provide a catalyst for international cooperation and campaigning for recognition of minority rights in all our countries and will give different methods for combating discrimination, xenophobia and racism.The project will take part in Stip, Macedonia where an example will be given on how different minorities can coexist and live together in a peaceful environment but also where national minorities enjoy many rights. The presence of 26 participants from different partner and neighbouring countries will give an additional value and example of diversity, mutual respect and equality of minorities especially.
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14 Partners Participants