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MIRABEEL - MobIlité eRasmus Apprenante au Bénéfice des Equipes Educatives de Lorraine
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This ERASMUS consortium + for the mobility of the staff of the school education MIRABEEL is carried by the DAREIC (Academic Delegation in the European, international relations and in the Cooperation) and the GIP (Grouping of Public interest) " Training(Formation) throughout the life ", of the academy(regional education authority) of Nancy-Metz. He answers one of the missions of the DAREIC to know, to favor the European and international mobility of the education authority.The GIP " Training throughout the life " is the promote of the project: he assures the financial aspects and the DAREIC the administrative and educational aspects that it shares with the committee members of piloting, worth knowing educational advisers, first inspectors and second degree and inspector, academic delegate in the in-service training. The education authority of Nancy-Metz has a unique geographical situation of the fact that it has three border countries, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and that the flows of border workers are very important and can him stay if the inhabitants of Lorraine can prove sufficient(self-important) skills in language The MIRABEEL project answers in terms of language learning the objectives and the priorities registered in the academic project on 2014-2018, worth knowing to allow every pupil to teach a foreign living language from the beginning of its route(course) to the school, to favor the implementation of innovative and successful educational plans, to make of the international shutter of the project of establishment a lever of collective ambition and to develop the education of the disciplines in foreign language. It is thus a question concretely of seeing to it, thanks to the European mobility, of developing the language and cultural skills of the teachers of the primary sector(primary school, and the teachers of the not linguistic disciplines of the secondary sector of discovering innovative pedagogies of the languages teaching and the educationin language, the new tools, the other hourly plans, the other systems of evaluation, other organizations of learning in various European school systems. The MIRABEEL consortium associates 16 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 12 high schools which propose one or several European sections; he will allow to organize 112 mobilities of primary school teachers, trainers, educational advisers, teachers of living languages, teachers of diciplines not linguistic who have a certification in foreign language and teachers wishing to teach their discipline in foreign language. These mobilities will divide up as follows: 40 mobilities for structured courses, 71 mobilities for training courses of observation and 1 mission of teaching; they will take place over a period going from 5 to 12 days, in 10 European countries, on a duration of 2 years. For the structured courses, the participants will call on to training institutions which they will choose according to the linguistic and intercultural program which he propose. The internships(training courses) of observation will take place in partner establishments which the establishments of sending have already identified or which intermediate bodies of various European countries, partners of the Dareic, will propose them within the framework of the chosen theme. The program of the internship(training course) will be established in link with the steering committee. Within this committee, the DAREIC and the GIP, strong of their experience of cooperation on projects grouped by mobilities, will assure(insure) the follow-up and the coordination of the project; they will facilitate the mutualization of tools to allow a better progress, both from the point of view of the financial and administrative management and of the educational, cultural and linguistic, so necessary preparation, or of the evaluation. The DAREIC will propose a follow-up and a continuous support(accompaniment) of establishments in all the stages of the project. This consortium will allow the establishments of sending to answer their European development plan either by assuring an education in language from the elementary school with teachers who will have a level B2, or by developing innovative pedagogies in the languages teaching and in language both in elementary school and in middle school or high school, and forward by having in the high schools which have one or several European sections of several teachers which will crossthe certification in language to be able to teach all or part of their discipline in foreign language. The educational, formative advisers and the inspectors will use the methods, the tools, practical to propose to the teaching staff of the education authority of the renewed trainings;The participants in internships(training courses) of observation will establish new partnerships with European establishments which will eventually(later) allow to develop new mobilities or projects of partnerships startégique
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