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Minorities for Inclusion
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

The training course aims to give to youth workers, volunteers and community leaders, concrete tools how to work together with minorities in order to empower them and actively involve them in youth activities and actions. This shall promote and foster their active citizenship. In achieving this is required to develop, and further improve the skills of working in a multicultural background, building a progressive climate that includes every one, starting in a small team, and further on; in a wider social climate. We will also address the peer education, as an effective way in shaping the future society.Minority and inclusion are key priorities of different programs, especially when Roma youth is addressed. Although a lot of efforts are done in promoting Human Rights, minority Rights, aid for minorities, still more have to be done and in different contexts. Thus we will explore in depth the minority situations in the countries, tackling the specific problems of inclusion and providing skills and tools to the base level, in an effective way that stimulates the inclusion at local level.We do believe that in order to reach inclusion, it is necessary to develop a sense of understanding in the majority, as well to provide solutions that can bring benefits for both majority and minority. Thus it is crucial to see the specific minority issues connected with the general view of the society and how minorities can give a concrete contribute through the work of their leaders and active citizens, to the general situation. This can add value to the cultural diversity and needs to be promoted in different levels.With this training course we want to give to the participants the knowledge and skills to work for involvement of young people from minorities in youth activities in the frame of the Youth in Action Programme, and also of other programmes that can help them to give contribution and to be judged by their abilities and skills.
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