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Mind Safety- Safety Matters!
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

According to Eurostat (2009) Health problems related with working conditions affected 8,6% EU workers and 3,2% suffered an accident at work during the annual working time, (this means 7 million europeean workers). The continuous increase of young workers ( between 15 and 24 years ) in the world economy , raises special concerns in the safety and health. Younger workers are more likely to be victims of accidents not - deadly , more serious , than their older colleagues , because of the general lack of professional experience and understanding of the risks present in the workplace , and also due to lack training in safety and health and lack of physical and emotional maturity . In the European Union , for example, the incidence rate of non - fatal accidents is 50 % higher among young workers than in other age groups. Besides the costs and negative consequences to individuals, this phenomenon hinders economic growth and competitiveness. In the EU about 14% of all pupils, drop out of school before completing the entire school path, and arrive at work without any knowledge on issues of occupational hazards and how to recognize and prevent them. This lack of knowledge together with the lack of experience and training has been suggested as an important factor in the occurrence of occupational accidents among young workers. This is a cross-social problem to many EU territories and has been a priority in the EU occupational health and safety policies. In many EU territories health and safety issues, are already included in the programs and curricula, but in other countries, the curriculum restraints, time limitations and teaching training priorities difficult all the process, so, this is a challenge to all partners in this project. ‘’Mind Safety- safety matters’’ aims to establish an interface between teacher education, formal and non formal contexts in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). This Strategic Partnership includes partners representing different and complementary fields of expertise and previous experience with schools, in their respective countries. Besides ensuring strong involvement of teachers and high impact on the intervention, the partnership will also assure future dissemination of the project outputs and network implementation. By supporting teachers' education, Mind Safety, will help them to expand skills, and provide the right tools to deal with OSH issues at school. It intends to involve them in the construction of knowledge and in the sharing of best practices, which will simultaneously improve the quality of the teaching and learning process and potentially increase the knowledge of young people to protect their health and quality of life. Following the main goal of Strategic Partnership, ''Mind Safety'' intends to carry out a joint initiative, to implement in three years, that will allow the exchange of knowledge and experience developing educational teachers guidelines in the scope of OSH. Throughout this period, the project will also support several informal approaches and resources referring to the teaching of OSH subjects. These networked activities will be carried out using an existing Web platform which answers the project's needs. Additionally the project will increase the dissemination of best practices in the refereed web platform, potentially leading to transfer the project outputs and network implementation to the classroom. To achieve its objectives the activities of ‘’Mind Safety’’ will address the following needs: • To promote an increase of the teachers' professional development, by providing a diversified training blended offer (formal and non-formal knowledge achievement), through the construction of the OSH Educational Teaching Guide; • To promote teachers involvement in innovating methodologies by using a collaborative platform to make accessible the diversified experiences from partners and by promoting two training benchmarks for teachers and trainers in classroom context (both in theoretical and in other approaches, including laboratory practice/workshop); • To promote the storage of OSH educational resources in a platform by creating a repository of best practices designed for the educational/training system in safety and health, that can be complemented with virtual enrichement materialized in community - contextual commentaries, and chat; • To contribute to minimize young/future workers work accidents numbers by promoting OSH education and improve the awareness for the hazards at work, by constructing a OSH Practical Guide for Teachers, with activities and methodological suggestions on OSH, with inclusive materials, and a Students booklet ( including an audio version to low vision and blind students in order to allow the replication of the “Mind Safety” Project by other agents and its spreading (digital publication of the guides).
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