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MinBioRest - Vocational Training of Post-Mining Restoration of Environment

The MinBioRest project aims to develops modules and accompanying documentation in a variety of training formats to retrain redundant, or soon-to-be redundant, staff in the mining and mineral processing industry as regards technical subjects connected with the protection and restoration of post-mining environments. New competence will improve employability in new environment-related activities across the partner countries.Companies and higher education providers will join forces to create a series of training modules useable for distance learning, group training or within short courses. Textbooks, manuals, distance-learning materials and a dictionary will be further developed, tested and evaluated. End results will be in a minimum of two European languages and include a tool for the evaluation of competence levels to provide an opportunity for transnational recognition of achievements.Promotion of the products will be adapted to different audiences: potential learners, tutors, education and training providers and small or larger companies. Means are likely to include a newsletter, brochure, media coverage and items in websites frequently visited by interested individuals and agencies.
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